Thursday, March 29, 2007


this is what i do when i get bored in the car on the way to the office. take pictures of the cars out there...:D and my own car.. i was near the maju junction traffic lite. and i dont feel like doing my make up... so here goes..
made a call to my cuz.. somehow, her hubby picked up the call and they are in indonesia now.. ahh boringnyer.. kadangkala kita akan buat perkara-perkara yang kita tahu tidak betul... cuma di sebabkan keboringan, kita buat juga.. muahaha.. err.. what am i thinking??? haa.. ini lah akibatnya kalau dah lama tak lepak... asyik kerja jer... ha..this is what happened! yes... of course i like the attention that he is giving me.. not that i am allowing it to just happened. :) confuse..? good.
had a morning meeting with a colleague. then we walked to a condo showhouse.. perrghhh... beautiful...cosy.. the person that we wanted to meet was not around, but we had a good tour in the showhouse...which... gave me an idea! tadaaa... a few ideas actually..
so what if i think of him? he doesnt know that i am thinking of him anyway... and he doesnt know if i am talking about him. well... he can guess but it is not necessarily about him.. right? oh yes... no one tells me what i can or cannot do...simply...because... he doesnt own me.. right? oh no!! i am going $*&@$ who the hell am i talking about now? hmmm different people, different time and occassion.
aahhh the condo is simply beautiful!! 1.5million...any takers... :P love the carpet.. kekekeke... oh yes, saw my other cuz at the stesen being interviewed... took a few snaps of him :) done the semi-finals..apa race tah..x-rail or something..
now i am hungry... time is 751pm.. and i am still at the office... tried to finish as much work as possible. brought home office laptop coz home PC kaput. my buddy was supposed to help me reformat the PC... but tau2 la... orang tengah bercinta kan.. hilang laa.. now i am computer-less.. buhsan... and my younger sister who owns a laptop is not home.. lagi la buhsan. aarrgghhhhhhhhhhh
ok laa.. i'd better sign off before i merapu more!!! have a good weekend everyone. :) wish me luck for the netball game on sunday.