Thursday, March 1, 2007

happy..happy thotss...

cupid strike again... ek eleh... letih la... boleh tak? just had a chat with my biz partner the other day.. well.. the usual yada..yada.. yada.. boring stuff. especially when it comes to men. eerrmmm no, men are not boring.. but certain men with no b@!*^& attitude are boring people. *run* before i get hit by all men out there.. hehehe...:D okay.. i think i just ran off track a bit.. here ups and downs this week... yeaa... havent really got the time and right mood to write my blog.. mind still floating and searching and trying to understand the 'test' that He is giving me... hmmm..

funny: got back from work the other day and received an sms from my cuz. asking me if i am in a relationship.. LOL... yeup.. it made me smile alright.. funny thing is, i just had that chat with my biz partner... who told me, enough thinking of useless guys out there... concentrate on career, kids and the biz that i am in.. which of course i have agreed with that.. ;) but the sms that my cuz sent was.. hehehe.. dunno what to say.. baru nak rasa seronok solo for a while.. however... save the details for later ;)

relieved: my buddy and i are back ... as in.. we are back in contact. things have been messy here and there... but, hmmm will always pray for the best for him, no matter how bad he has treated me... *wink* dont push it bro...

happy: karaoke partner is in action... wuuuhhuuuu... yeup.. being an addict again.. well, need to do some practising somehow before the day arrives, somewhere in april this year.

hmmm...: 'tabah' that was how my pet bro described me this morning. we havent really get the chance to borak after some time. me.. busy.. him... busy too.. etc...etc.. so, just catch up on things laa.. question he put up to me..

abg l: ein, abg nak tanya sikit boleh tak?
me: boleh... tanya lah
abg l: ein tak teringat ke nak kawin lagi..
me: hehehe... teringat.. tapi after what has happened... macam.. relax dulu laa
abg l: looked at me with this different expression...
me: alaaa.... abg l... relax laaa... u know me... ein pun selamba jer.. i have lots of friends laa..
abg l: ye, abg tau... tapi deep inside, you do feel lonely... right?
me: eerr...hhmm yea... but alaahh... i m doing fine
abg l: abg bersimpati dgn ein..tak tau nak cakap apa.. nak tolong, tapi setakat mana yang abg boleh tolong...
me: laaa... dont make it sound so sad laa... life is too short to feel so sad about it... ;) anyway looking at men nowadays... letih lah...those married ones, bujang sama je..5% jer leh pakai.
abg l: ish tak semua macam tu ein...
me: hmmmmm...
abg l: you ni tabah. ein, muda lagi but you have gone through a lot..
me: bagus laa.. at least Allah swt tau, that i can manage... insyaAllah.. honestly, i am getting used to it..

and the conversation continues...

good break: was with my cuz after work yesterday and later joined a few friends at shrooms, klcc. gelak giler semalam... altho vctrns guys can be full of shit... but hey... they are funny people too... entertaining laa...ahaksss... james looked handsome in his new striped shirt. SA with his new hair cut... hemmm something different... ;) and GR with him being loud and tellin funny stories. waited for my cuz's hubby to fetch her around 10pm, but at last, i drove her to petronas..where he fetched her.. he.he. got home around 1130pm, joey is already asleep... lisa slept in my mom's room... i think i spent about 10 minutes staring at joey... :) he looked so calm.. kissed him a few times.. until i fell asleep. :)

my horoscope for 1st march 2007
you will find that your head and your heart are working in concert today, ein. Things are coming together just as you have expected them to. have confidence in yourself. more than likely, you have the perfect solution to every situation. it could be that you catch someone completely off guard because of your incredible perception of the circumstances. be prepared for some surprise reactions.

have lots more to write...but got to go.... later.....