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another exciting weekend...

by - March 12, 2007

my weekend started hmm.. what's the word ehh... best la.. or, with that nice feeling. :) aahh... tak kisah lah.. my buddy smsed to tell that he has more job interviews next week.. which means this week.. hopefully things will turn out good for him :). was out with the usual friends friday nite.. had a really good time although we warmed up a lil bit slow that nite. hehhe... and DAdza is still the best!
got up really early on saturday, had to do a few stuff... and had an appointment with my cousin in klcc. i was late!! from 12noon....and they waited till 130pm!!! gosh... i feel so bad.. and to make things worst, i did not even get my hair fully colored!! uurgghh... hehehe.. was introduced to a nice gentleman that afternoon. well, ok laa.. :D hehehe.. anyway, it was a short meet up pun and with three of us there with our children... couldnt really talk. :) eermmm.. joey enjoyed his choc sundae!

got home at around 330pm... took a short nap at the sofa.. had joelis to pack their clothes... we are going for a 'holiday' at auntie CM's place... yey!! yeaaa after so long, it has been postponed.. had a fantabulous weekend. reached her place just after 6pm... got ready to go for a swim at the clubhouse. pool was huge... well, i was more of berendam than swim..hehehe.. forgot our goggles which made it more difficult to swim.. hahah!! excuses!!
had BBQ that nite... ribs, lamb, chicken, sausages, pasta, it... i ate most of them... well that explains the kg i gained! borak2 till around 9 something. lisa was getting sleepy... went upstairs to tuck them into bed, in the end... hmmm paham2 je laa... hehehe... planned to continue chit chatting... but i was already asleep with my joelis.. oh yeaa... the picture on the right was where we had the BBQ. being at her place makes me forget that we are in malaysia :D
got up early the next morning.. well, CM and hubby are morning people! so, got up change into our bathing suits... and head straight to the pool... best sikit, it was still early... not too many people swimming. :) by 820am, lisa was getting hungry. stayed a lil bit longer in the pool till just before 900am, and walked home. had CM's special porridge for breakfast...hmmm yummy... :D and after breakfast, lepak again by the patio...chatting... while joelis went upstairs layan cartoon.. thanks CM for making us feel really at home. i guess, once in a while we need that, just the 3 of us, joelis and i out of the house and lepak... probably just be where we are together, without doing anything.. but of course, they get almost what they want from their aunt CM. :D vitagen 3 bottles in 30 minutes!... pringles.. mamee!! and i get my ice cream!! perrgghh...
by around 1100am, joelis were already bored...asking to go to the playground... CM's hubby was asleep infront of the tv. :) so, 4 of us, CM, joelis and I walked to the playground... and it was really hot..okay!! hehehe... funny, joelis tried the swing, and lisa shouted, ' butt is on fire!!' hahahaha..LOL.. tu laa hendak sangat pi playground... we all okay je... :P joey tried the slides... came back to me.. and said, 'maa.. at first it was okay, but at the end of the slide is hot!' hehehe we ended up sitting on the bench near the shades, listening to aunt CM telling her funny experience about spiders and bugs... hehehe.. and i can feel my sweat running down my legs...hahaha.. later we walked back to the house... by then it was just before 12noon.
movie time!!!! we chose to watch 'the holiday'. i had the dvd with me for 2 weeks but just couldnt find the right time to watch it... or maybe because i dont want to watch it alone.. :O... hence, it was a good time... CM and SM (CM's hubby), joelis and i!! after got back from the playground all of us sat infront of the tv... well more of lying down... and watch 'the holiday'. it was a good movie.. enjoyed it.. :) i had tears in my eyes during the part where 'amanda' went back to 'graham'... :) it was so sweet... thats how strong love can be... *sigh*
230pm..joelis havent had lunch... so, we walked to the clubhouse, just behind the house for lunch. i had nasi goreng kampong. joelis had mushroom soup and garlic bread and chicken wings. joelis walked home after lunch leaving CM and i chatting.. yeaa... time is never enough when we are together, there will be things to talk about. :) i guess that explains us being bestfriends for so long! headed home at around 530pm after watching our (lisa and i) fav sitcom 'hannah montana'. while driving home, called my beautician to set an appointment with her for my facial, and recolor my hair! had calls from james and ally asking what i would be doing at nite... so told them of my plans.. facial and all...
930pm... love my new hair... :D met up with ally and james at our usual hang out place for my dinner actually. it was sweet of them to wait up... or maybe coz they dont have any other plans pun.. :P had a great time with ally disturbing/teasing james.. :D crazily took some the kedai mamak... can you believe that! by 1030pm... i was already really tired.. and headed home soon after. called joelis before that to check if they are already home after going out for dinner with their daddy.
got home just before 1100pm, took shower.... and after that.... i was already in dreamland!!! thinking...of... :)
had a wonderful weekend... CM, thanks for spending time with my joelis... hope we will be able to do that again...;) check out more pictures here!

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