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this is what i do when i get bored in the car on the way to the office. take pictures of the cars out there...:D and my own car.. i was near the maju junction traffic lite. and i dont feel like doing my make up... so here goes..
made a call to my cuz.. somehow, her hubby picked up the call and they are in indonesia now.. ahh boringnyer.. kadangkala kita akan buat perkara-perkara yang kita tahu tidak betul... cuma di sebabkan keboringan, kita buat juga.. muahaha.. err.. what am i thinking??? haa.. ini lah akibatnya kalau dah lama tak lepak... asyik kerja jer... ha..this is what happened! yes... of course i like the attention that he is giving me.. not that i am allowing it to just happened. :) confuse..? good. had a morning meeting with a colleague. then we walked to a condo showhouse.. perrghhh... beautiful...cosy.. the person that we wanted to meet was not around, but we had a good tour in the showhouse...which... gave me an idea! tadaaa... a few ideas actually.. so what i…

semua jadi satu :)

thank you ally... love this..:)

3 diva - semua jadi satu

cinta adalah kenangan
rasanya tak mudah dilupakan
cinta adalah kenangan
indahnya tak mudah dibayangkan
tangisan dan tawa
serta riang canda
berjuta benci juga rindu
semua tumbuh jadi satu
khayalan yang nyata
angan angan
berjuta mimpi dan harapan
jadi satu
kan kuingat
dan selalu kubawa
bisikan mu oh kasihku
khayal riang canda
semua tumbuh jadi satu

alhamdullillah... and yes... as long as we are doing the right thing for the right reason, Allah swt will always be with us... :) thank you all, for your doa... we are on the right track :)
joelis, kalau rezeki kita ada... adalah.. ;) love you so very much!!! i will continue fighting, for you...and for our future, thats for sure!!

men are b%$#@!$ds...

:) this comment came from a friend of mine who is a man... hahaha... sometimes we just wouldnt understand why some man would react certain ways... these came to my mind:
a good looking face does not remain forever, but a good heart does... :)you may get your way just because you think you have the money, but, what is not yours will be taken its own special way ;) especially when it belongs to children.and it's still early in the morning.... the battle will begin later today... may Allah swt help me in anyways...

looking for my happy thots...

something is bothering me today... and i am looking for my happy thots... and automatically my fingers dialled 'home'.. to speak to my joelis. they were preparing to go to school at the time i called. and here is another happy thots... looking at the picture, on your right. :)

originally typed on 16th March 2007.
its 1025am and we just had our morning dip in the pool. slept early last nite.. well to tell the truth, i will sleep most of the time during my holiday trips. :D its like sleep, swim, eat, and repeat…and my joelis will complain.. hehehe… oh yes… as i was lying on my bed yesterday, i was thinking… isn’t good going for a holiday and my kids are big enough to take care of themselves, except when they are in the pool i will be in there too. all i need to do is bring the portable dvd player with 2 albums of dvds… 1 boardgame, and wallaaa…. they will survive! hehe.. today is our 2nd day at Residence Desa Lagoon, waiting for my 2 other sisters and my bro-in-law to come and joi…

who's that guy...? :)

was on my way down the lift for breakfast when i saw him.. hmmm.. clean cut... fair skin... with scars of old pimples on his face... yeup... i like to see guys with scars.. ;-) not so tall but tall enough... shiny black working shoes...and the way he walks.. and talks... luckily i was at the back of him, gave me enough time to just stare from the back... ahakss... :D my appetizer for today... hehehe :D ehemmm..okay people... enough dreaming!! back to work...its a beautiful monday morning!!!

what happened during weekend?? had 2 days in a row playing badminton with my joelis... had a good time, although my legs were killing me last night! urrghhh... did my wall push up today before entering the shower. went to flea market yesterday with my mom, my sis and joelis. got up early on a sunday... and while i was having breakfast... my mom and sister were reading the sunday paper.. and i said, 'eh jom pi flea market!' and their eyes shined! hahaha... happy je kalau ajak pi flea market. …


hello my dear blog readers... :D hehehe... its so nice to have you guys askin... 'blog no update kaaa?' hehhe... ada...ada.... but... it'll have to wait... i have been extremely busy with work.. netball trainings... dance practise ... and sampai nak tulis blog pun tak de mood... aarrgghhh.... and i miss him... or even talking to him... schutssss!!! hate this feeling... eerrggghh.... anyways.... ein is still alive and kickin!!! cuma a bit different... errkkss... tunggu.......

oyyy mamat...!!!!

what the...

i had a shock this morning as i was leaving my house to work. you know, the kind of shock that you had your mouth opened! hehehe... yeaa... i actually did that. and for a while i din know what to think of the person. our neighbour, actually had wood and tree branches laid in front of her house just so that people will not use her house frontage to reverse.. goshh... what kind of a person is she? tak tahu bermasyarakat ke? *sigh* just cant believe my eyes when i saw that! it took me 10 minutes in my car, in front of our house, to termenung and called my younger sister asking her and my mom to go to the balcony to see those... but my sister just laughed and said, those branches were there since yesterday it seems...

2nd: i had a weird dream... dreamt my MD vomitted and his vomit splashed on my clothes and face... yucks... isnt? dream dictionary says: Vomit: to dream of vomiting means either that you are getting sick, or that you will be connected with a scandalous rumor or situation. to…

watch out!!

i am goin through this phase at the moment... hahaha... i get irritated easily... so, you guys out there watch out... i might just explode...muahahaha... :D...let's list down what have been irritating me for the past few days...

teasing: i was teased of something last friday and i just blurt it out on him...'whats ur problem anyway?'

dressing: someone i know dressed the same for a few occasions and my thot was like...'err.. do u realise that you've been wearing the same outfit over and over again?' no... i did not say it to the person... hehehe.. nasib baik..!

my fav phrase of the week: 'i dont care' although i wish i would not have said that.. errkkss.. well, at times, it was right laa.. i truly dont care ;)

shoes: women especially...please... repair your heels if they have started to sound like you are walking on nails!! the sound is really irritating.. go replace the 'tapak kasut' (until i can find the right word for it in english) hahaha --->…

another exciting weekend...

my weekend started hmm.. what's the word ehh... best la.. or, with that nice feeling. :) aahh... tak kisah lah.. my buddy smsed to tell that he has more job interviews next week.. which means this week.. hopefully things will turn out good for him :). was out with the usual friends friday nite.. had a really good time although we warmed up a lil bit slow that nite. hehhe... and DAdza is still the best!
got up really early on saturday, had to do a few stuff... and had an appointment with my cousin in klcc. i was late!! from 12noon....and they waited till 130pm!!! gosh... i feel so bad.. and to make things worst, i did not even get my hair fully colored!! uurgghh... hehehe.. was introduced to a nice gentleman that afternoon. well, ok laa.. :D hehehe.. anyway, it was a short meet up pun and with three of us there with our children... couldnt really talk. :) eermmm.. joey enjoyed his choc sundae!
got home at around 330pm... took a short nap at the sofa.. had joelis to pack their clothe…

u r in my thots

as i am leaving for my karaoke session in a while...this came in my inbox... my horoscope.. hehehe..

some intense dreams about someone you haven't seen for a long time could have you wondering what this person is doing now, ein, and might also awaken the desire to contact them again. If you can, give them a ring. you might be pleasantly surprised! an increased psychic sensitivity could cause you to be better able to understand the thoughts and feelings of family members. communication of all kinds should go well today, so go out and mingle!

took this picture from ally coz it reminds me of...toot!! he'eh... cantik nya bunga tu.... :D *wink*.... kan..?

me..?? not blogging...

what??? no updates??? after 4 days.... errkkss... been really busy... anyway, here goes.. had a good lunch yesterday at Tupai2.. sedap... had the triffle.. yummy.. hmmm doesnt it look sluurrppy?? by the way, that beautiful hand holding the triffle belongs to ally!!! wuuhhuuu

hehehe... had my first netball training after many.. many... many.. months... fuhh terasa tu masa warm up session... heh..heh.. it was a good game/training... thot couldnt shoot anymore.. but, boleh lagi...yey!! went home straight after training... sempat lagi dinner with my dear joelis. :) dah lama tak dinner sama-sama. :) guess what.... by 930pm... i was already asleep! lol.. other than that, my project at the office is completed... success! glad its finally over.. :) now i m gonna be busy with the next project/assignment. :) looking forward for our company's sports carnival end of march 2007. so, now its gonna be busy after office... dance practise.. singing practise... netball practise.. fuhh.. best and i a…

hehehe...i like...

...what my horoscope says today...;) hmmmmm....

have you recently lost some of your faith in the future, ein? isn't it time to do something about this, especially where your personal life is concerned? you could find the answers to these kinds of questions if you would just take a second look at the quality of your relationships with the people close to you. who knows, love might just give you back your enthusiasm for living!

weekend in PD

drove off to PD on friday after work. parents, younger sister and my joelis, of course... cindy had to be left at home.. shiann dia... :( reached PD toll at around 830pm. went to the apartment that my sister had booked earlier... but when we went into the apartment.... hmmmm... agaks kurengss.... we decided to look for another place to stay... :D went from one resort to another.. by 930pm..everyone's getting cranky, me included... havent had dinner. joelis were still in their school uniform.. we stopped at 'jom makan' gerai... started to call every resort/hotels that we can think of... we thot regency's rate was reasonable.. but in the end... we took an apartment at seri bulan. we've been there yearssssss ago... joey was only 1 year old plus. pool is nice...clean and big.. not too many people...maybe becoz its not the school holiday yet.

had a good time.. 1st nite, went straight to bed... tired driving. got up in the morning and went swimming... best... rasa macam d…

happy..happy thotss...

cupid strike again... ek eleh... letih la... boleh tak? just had a chat with my biz partner the other day.. well.. the usual yada..yada.. yada.. boring stuff. especially when it comes to men. eerrmmm no, men are not boring.. but certain men with no b@!*^& attitude are boring people. *run* before i get hit by all men out there.. hehehe...:D okay.. i think i just ran off track a bit.. here ups and downs this week... yeaa... havent really got the time and right mood to write my blog.. mind still floating and searching and trying to understand the 'test' that He is giving me... hmmm..

funny: got back from work the other day and received an sms from my cuz. asking me if i am in a relationship.. LOL... yeup.. it made me smile alright.. funny thing is, i just had that chat with my biz partner... who told me, enough thinking of useless guys out there... concentrate on career, kids and the biz that i am in.. which of course i have agreed with that.. ;) but the sms that my c…