Monday, February 5, 2007

still here

845pm, day 4:
still here at gleneagles. waiting for dear lisa to be discharged tomorrow after her last dose of antibiotic. well, that is the good news! :) the bad news is, as i am here typing this, joey is at the clinic with my mom and my younger sister :( now he is having fever, temperature -> 39, complained had a headache and just vomitted. so, i told my sister to take him to the clinic first and see what the doctor says, or straight away bring him here, to gleneagles. *sigh* now i am waiting patiently for my sister's phone call... for the verdict.. or... ergghh... i'd rather call her and ask...!

905pm, just spoke to my mom, joey's tummy masuk angin... given medicine for the tummy and fever. just spoke to joey and told him that he's a strong boy and to get well soon. :) demam rindu agaknya... i miss him too especially hugging him at nite. :) hmmm.... i will see him tomorrow morning when my sister brings him to fetch lisa from the hospital. i hope he will be okay by tomorrow.

me signing off for tonite... ;)