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long weekend

by - February 04, 2007

how to start? hmmm.. right now i am typing this from lisa's room, gleneagles hospital. ;) lisa was admitted on friday morning. i myself was on MC due to my bad migraine. been thinking a lot... thinking of things that i shouldnt be thinking. well, i was given wayyyy too much space to do the unnecessary thinking... thanks a lot! :P was so glad that thursday was a public holiday. i totally forgot about it...arranged for a meeting with PCD in the evening around 630pm. got an email from EJ on wednesday and asked for 'sisters' get together..i ok jer.. since did not make any plans pun. yeaa..yeaa.. i am writing all jumbled up... so pandai2 la nak baca.. kay ;)

1st feb 2007: pasar borong here i come... wanted to lepak longer in bed.. but my younger sister woke me up.. told me that my mom wants someone to drive her to pasar borong serdang. makkk aii... jauh tuh..tapi tak pe laa... i quickly got up.. showered, and went downstairs.. looked for breakfast.. alahai...cekodok jer... :( hmmm cekodok pun cekodok laaa... my mom asked, "ko nak gi mana dah siap ni?" and i answered back, "laa...kata nak gi pasar..." and i saw that smile on her face..though she tried not to.. heh..heh.. sure dia ingat i nak merambu. ahakss... I told her that I am free to drive her till around noon coz I might bring fwd my mtg with PCD to 2pm so that I can have extra time to lepak later with EJ, CM and SS. So…pasar borong here I come lahh..kan.. guess what, my mom doesn’t know the exact way how to get there! I was like…hmmm..ok… we left home around 930am… managed to get to the pasar borong at 1100am! :D tapi best la… when I got there, baru teringat that I have been there, once :D. the fish sumer fresh and cheaper. I ikut je la my parents.. tarik our marketing basket. My mom did all the buyings. Jadi jakun kejap at the pasar…having a good time taking pictures of the vegetables and fish and prawn… perghh.. lapar… dah tengahari.. on the way home, we stopped at the gerai since my mom told the maid not to cook.

Ok next… the meeting with PCD went well.. alhamdulillah.. I got the job in march!!! Yess… and I am making the wedding a memorable one.. and ensure that their guests will be satisfied with the entertainment. Haven’t been doin this for quite some time.. but hey… I have my skills and creativity ;) oopss.. kejap..nurse is taking lisa’s temp… ‘ok..tak de demam..’ cool! Ok sambung balik… yeup gotta make myself busy for a while.. just need to distract my head from thinking of someone right now. It just hurts too much… and I still don’t understand. Urrgghhhh..

Wokay… time was already 330pm. done with meeting, drove out of the apartment, called my joelis and told them to be ready once I get home. Reached home around 350pm, picked up joelis and drove to EJ’s house.. dekat je… takes about 5 minutes drive. we stopped by the gerai to buy some keropok lekor. lisa was already not well but she still wanted to join us.. ye laa.. I cant be leaving her at home… kesian.. and I dont separate lisa and joey..;) hey… it’s the 3 of us…power of 3…ahakss.. sampai umah EJ, CM and SS tak sampai lagi. So I lepak… lapar balik… ate mee hoon goreng.. while waiting for CM and SS. And sambung with caramel..hmmm yummy…. Adding up extra kgs… shoot! But aahhh… I am enjoying my food.. so makan je laa… muahahaa… yey..CM and SS are here… we ate again… and decided to lepak in EJ’s garden coz some of us want to halau nyamuk.. ;-) while Joelis kept princess maira, EJ’s daughter, companied upstairs. Heh..heh… we had our little talk…gossips… nahhh not gossips… we talked about us.. catching up with each other… and of course, time seems to be jealous of us. Best giler… borak.. planned for our next trip… oh yes, before the trip… BBQ!! Yuhuuu…!! Alamak..lisa got restless… her face was all red… so I decided that we should leave… that was just before 7pm. Stopped by at the clinic to take some fever medicine for her since she finished hers in the morning. But later at nite, her temp went too hi… from 38 to 39.1.. hmm ni tak boleh jadi. I slept late too, and got up really early coz lisa was getting too hot.

2nd feb 2007: Friday morning..not enuf sleep… I got a bad migraine.. and started to feel sick too. We both went to the clinic. I got MC for myself and Lisa had to be referred to Gleneagles. Terus kena admit..suspect dengue. And since she had a case before this, her doct does not want to take the risk. She asked if I have told unc WN that she is admitted and I said.. “nahhh tak payah lah…” and she gave me the look.. “why not?’ and I said, “ sajer.. malas..” but then, after talking to AS, I decided just to sms him and see what happen next. Hmmm surprisingly he responded to that sms. And he called lisa after that. I am more and more confused now… I just need a better explanation… that’s all.. why?? This is so unfair…:-* at times it makes me think if this is how its gonna be, we could have remain just friends… at least it wont hurt me that much if he were to avoid/ignore me… :( see.. I tried not to talk abt him… but I cant..:( arrgghhh…

3rd feb 2007: james came over to the hospital last nite and pass me the laptop. Thot of doin some work while taking care of lisa. I have a review on Monday and I didn’t think that I would be on MC on Friday… shoot! But how aahhh… tido pun tak cukup. Lisa din get proper sleep… she got up about every hour and so did i… hemm that’s it laa.. thot she can be discharge today but her cough is getting worse. My mom, adude and joey came in the afternoon with fresh clothes for us. Had lunch here with us in the hospital room. :) I managed to get a short nap before they arrived. Ok la dapat rest kejap, so rasa macam malas nak drive rest at home. Joey as usual, pot pet pot pet none stop.. kesian dia, this is the 2nd nite that I don’t get to hug him :(. Break jap… nak tengok Hannah Montana with lisa ;) hmmm terlelap pulak… alamak.. doctor datang… she has got to get an xray, hemmm she might be getting bronchitis. Stop here first… continue later.

800pm: lisa cried… she had chest pain… hmmm.. nurses came in and gave her medicine and she had to be on drips again. She was supposed to go for x-ray but it seems that the dept was busy? Hmmm… and right after lisa cried, the nurses decided to bring the x-ray machine to the room instead. Cute je… din know they have x-ray machine for kids..heh..heh.. with giraffe body lagi…:) after lisa has calmed down, my mom, adude and joey went home… lisa slept at around 945pm. Watched the depressing cerekerama.. hahaha.. nak buat camner, started to watch, kena la continue sampai habis, while smsing AA… ordered something from Spore and AS who’s lepaking with friends in bangsar… there goes my weekend… lepaking here, watching the sky and stars from the hospital’s room window…hehehe…cool huh…

1030pm: checked on lisa’s temperature… eh.. kenapa macam panas je ehh…? Called the nurse, hmmmm naik balik temperature dia. Nurse came in and gave her the fever medicine, I became bengang. Why do they have to wait till her temp rise to give the medicine, shouldn’t they just continue until her fever really settled? Told the nurse to check on lisa’s temperature every 2 hours. I couldn’t sleep till 100am.. feelin so tired but felt like something is missin… apa ye? Hmmmm… :( more pictures..

* PC, you are in my thoughts... :(

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