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john tucker must die...

by - February 18, 2007

received an email from AB on the same day i sent the sms to PC to breakup with him. she was being nice and somehow it strucks my mind that my PC whom i adore once, is a good player in his stupid little game. it was the same pattern that he has done with his previous so-called relationships. he may think that i dont know anything, but i do know some things...just that i needed to hear it from him, himself one day. somehow or rather, this may flatter him but this is just me being me.. i treasure my friends... and i keep them.. it is sad that what PC has done, somehow has scared our friendship. he is a good actor too. but its okay... he can be the best actor that he wants, but for how long? how long can he lie to himself? i believed him eventhough my instinct says that he was untruthful. i tried to console myself eventhough i felt that it was too good to be true...he can run as far as he wants to, but sooner or later, he will need to stop somewhere. :) he taught me of how a 'real man' should act in a relationship, but he failed to prove it to me. he failed to be a man when things doesnt go his way... yeup...he is full of S%$#. all the girls who contacted me after the breakup said that i should be glad that it is over soon.. and not later when it is already too late.. what can that mean?

thank you PC for teaching me to be patience in a relationship.
thank you for letting me see that all those sweet talks are just a bunch of lies.
thank you for being very nice to my precious joelis and later you break their heart like it is none of your business.
thank you for showing them that there is such thing as false hope.

my dear PC, i should be hating you right now after what you have done. but you know what...? things happened for a reason.. :) although you said once that maybe things happened in my life so that i can meet might be not the right person for i am too nice for you to play around with. whatever it is, i still miss you as a friend... and as i have told you earlier in the sms... i am all ears for you man... that still doesnt change. i will not say, all the best in your search this time, as i, or maybe, 'we', do not want you to continue hurting other women's heart... dont say things if you do not mean it...especially when its 'love'.... say it when you really understand what love means...

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