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by - February 16, 2007

he is a total jerk! okay, now i am upset... not because it doesnt work between us... i really hate it when it hits my joelis!!! since there is no explanation.. this is what he portrays about himself. he likes the challenge of pursuing women... thats what he is.. just that yes thats what he does. he will pursue all the way for the woman and when he is in the relationship, he chickened out... he is just too afraid of commitment. he may have all the charm.. but... all goes down the drain especially when he hurts my kids so bad!!! i shouldnt have accepted him in the beginning... yes, i do have regrets now.. lisa was the 1st person that i told.. and later joey got to know.. but you know what... all i can tell my kids is, take this as a lesson... do not hurt other people by giving them false hope... and joey.. jangan main2kan perasaan orang lain...coz u will get hurt one day... he made me believe that he can give me the happiness... i just wish i know why... or maybe he will just use the same excuse...'its not you...its just me' *sigh*

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