Tuesday, February 20, 2007

quality time with joelis :)

i think this is the first school holiday that we did not go anywhere...:D anywhere, means out of KL..hehehe..:D but, we still went out sightseeing..;) got a call from my dear elder sister asking if we wanna go and visit skybridge KLCC. hmmmm best gak... but my eyes were swollen that day... coz..hmmmm naper ye... well anyway, got to get up... or i will end up lying in bed feeling bluurrgghhh... so, we had breakfast at home, and left the house around 1015am to make sure we can reach KLCC by 1030am. here are some pictures from the bridge. more in the album.

had a BBQ on saturday for tea at my sister's place in USJ. i had 1.5 piece of chicken...some prawns...and believe it or not, when there were many people still enjoying their food, i quitely went into my sister's guest's room and took a nap...again... been sleeping a lot.. especially when there are so much things in my head. slept till maghrib..and my sister woke me up coz she wanted to go home already. got home, wash up... took my medication and went back to sleep. up quite late. watched lisa practising her malay traditional dance with her friend while joey being trained to do the silat. cute! :D later my dad asked us to get ready to go to his friend's house for okay la... daripada nothing to do. after that we were free... hemmm macam boring je kan... up early, but still golek2 in bed..macam malas je nak bangkit..:D but then my mom entered the room and asked, "kata nak gi tengok wayang?" oh yeaa.... so we quickly took sisters and i... while lisa check on the website for the showtime. i wanted to bring my mom to watch qabil kushry qabil gam...hans isaac.. sedih giler cerita tu okay...tapi mesti pergi :) joey wanted to watch we did that in the morning at KLCC... the toughest part was to decide where to have lunch... hmmm.... decided to bring them to Tupai2...tapi alamak....tutup! :( apa lagi... tukar venue... stopped by Istana Negara... can you believe this... kira okay la... Buckingham Palace, London dah sampai...dah ambik gambar, but Istana Negara...baru pergi first time... hemmm... something yg patut dibanggakan!! and took a picture of awek chun!! ahakss.. had lunch later at Burger King Hartamas. went home, sent everyone... and later went out again only with my mom, younger sister and joey to Tesco for groceries shopping, and proceed to Jusco to get some other things :D. then rest kejap...

and after maghrib went to BSC for dinner with my 'sisters' from school including Yan who came back from Perth for a short break...henskem jugak macam dolu... :P tapi masih gagal sebab tak bawak partner untuk aku...ahakkkksss... there were 7 of us plus hubby and partner. :) after that followed by karaoke session..with AS joining us later :) by 1230am, my eyes are getting sleepy. AS was hungry, escorted me home and before that we had teh tarik session... dah lama tak borak. by 145am my youngest sister called and asked what time i am coming home..alamak... kena la balik...:D hehehe... and now...235am still here writing my blog.:) had a great karaoke session...walaupun ramai..:) looking forward to do that again...:)