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tercipta untukku

hehehe i was called karaoke freak... sabor je laa... nanti ko paintball freak! hahaha... tak pe... at least my hobby murah sket compared to pi tembak menembak tuh... :P

had lunch at secret recipe with the usual lunch kaki... saw 2 well-dressed guys. ally was watching the guy who wore blue shirt with dockers...and brown leather shoes... cool... and me, have always love to see guys with stripe shirts.. especially if the person is tall. perghhh.. so, the plain blue shirt guy did not catch my attention at all lah..kan.. ;) james was being quiet seated beside me.. sure dia pompuan ni tak de kerja lain nak komen apa orang pakai jer... hahaha.. relaks la brader... we were just admiring and nothing more...

as i got back from lunch, ally came over to my desk and pass me ole2 from amsterdam... cool!! LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! check this out... well...yeaa.. she was supposed to bring back the handsome prince... unfortunately the one that she brought home is still in a form of a frog!! har... …

berdua lebih baik

okay..its 240am.... why am i not asleep? my mind is tired. yeup...but the reason why i cant sleep is because i have things working in my head. my addiction is another thing... hahaha relax... nothing serious... except... memokaikan poket :O. i had dinner with my joelis and sister at chillis bangsar today. i think it was the best so far after a few visits. bukan apa, we ordered what we want and can eat instead of ikut nafsu like we used to... hehhe..:D and the bill came up to less than RM100 spent.. ok laaa... normally if we have dinner there, it'll be more than that. lisa was happy for getting her mac & cheese... 1.5 plate okay..;) joey had his kiddie burger and half of lisa's mac & cheese. i shared egg roles and mushroom jack with my sister, and we finished our food! yey...

somethin that my friend said about me abt 3 nites ago that makes me think.. which is, i make my life complicated... at times.. i hope...:( yea...maybe i do. reason: i try my best not to hurt other p…


ok, i am pissed today with a friend.. since my darling joelis do read my blog whenever they get the chance, i have to refrain myself from using bad words here... :) the thing is, just because i went out with his friend, or should i say, i was the gf for a while, now he is sort of not wanting to hang out with me anymore... and he said something like, 'they say i am your part time lover'...errkkss.. like.. hello... the thing is, we have been always lepakking together... why now it become an issue??? i do not go out with his acquaintance anymore...not that it should make any difference.. but dduhhhh... i was sad with his statement... uurgghhh pleaselaaa.. and later he said he was joking.. yeaa right, after he realised that i was sad the way he said it, he said it was a joke... hahahaha... so not funny. yea..yea.. it would be easier if i could mention names... but i cant.. arrghhh.... if i think so much about what other people say, i would be just staying home and not go out at al…

survey :)

1. Is:-
2. Got any plans:-
yes, send joey to school early in the morning
3. Dislikes about tomorrow:-
nothing to dislike

[F A V O R I T E]
1. Number:-
5, 7, 9
2. Color(s):-
3. Season:-
cant really choose.. I am in Malaysia…ok

[C U R R E N T L Y]
1. Missing someone:-
I guess so
2. Mood:-
blur + happy mood…ada kaa??
3. Hungry:-
nahhh…. Had mee hoon goreng already for lunch

[Q U E S T I O N S]
Q: first thing u did this morning?
A: err…look for what to wear to work?
Q: Last thing you ate:
A: mee hoon goreng
Q: Do you have anything bothering you?
A: yes.
Q: What's annoying you right now?
A: people who think they need to know every movements in my life
Q: What's the last movie you saw?
A: qabil kushry qabil igam
Q: Do you believe in long distance relationships?
A: no!
Q: Is there a person who is on your mind right now?
A: yes.. definitely
Q: Where is the last place you went?
A: hartamas for lunch
Q: Do you look like your mom or dad?
A: my dad
Q: Do you have any siblings?
A: yup!
Q: Do you smile o…

cancer horoscope today

heh..heh..:D i like what it says about cancer today... :) had another round of karaoke yesterday after work with AS and AP...and had dinner later at Lott. but yesterday's kuey tiow ladna wasnt that good as always...

The Bottom Line
While your subconscious works through issues, distract yourself with fun friends.
In Detail
Listening to other people is a lot easier than listening to yourself right now -- there is a lot of internal chatter going on in your brain, and it might not be making a whole lot of sense to you. Your subconscious is working through issues and ideas that you might not be fully aware of. Things will come to the surface and start to make sense later, when it's time to act. So for now, try to distract yourself by getting with the people you love and keeping things light and fun.

Cool! :) have a good weekend...

:) cinta dan kawan

alhamdulillah.... thank You for answering to my prayers... :) and i am smiling again.... Satu hari CINTA & KAWAN berjalan dalam kampung...
Tiba-tiba CINTA terjatuh dalam telaga... Kenapa??
Kerana CINTA itu buta.. Lalu KAWAN pun ikut terjun dalam telaga... Kenapa?? Kerana...KAWAN akan buat apa sahaja demi CINTA!! Di dalam telaga CINTA hilang... Kenapa?? Kerana...CINTA itu halus, mudah hilang kalau tak dijaga, sukar dicari apatah lagi dalam telaga yang gelap... Sedangkan KAWAN masih lagi tercari-cari dimana CINTA & terus menunggu.. Kenapa?? Kerana...KAWAN itu sejati & akan kekal sebagai KAWAN yang setia...kan??

so, hargai lah KAWAN kita selagi kita terasa dia bererti...


got this in my inbox today...

Ianya adalah pemberian nikmat Allah kepada manusia yang mana pemberian itu tidak diredhaiNya. Inilah yang dinamakan istidraj. Rasullulah s.a.w. bersabda :"Apabila kamu melihat bahawa Allah Taala memberikan nikmat kepada hambanya yang selalu membuat maksiat (durhaka), ketahuilah bahawa orang itu telah diistidrajkan oleh Allah SWT." (Diriwayatkan oleh At-Tabrani, Ahmad dan Al-Baihaqi).

Tetapi, manusia yang durhaka dan sering berbuat maksiat yang terkeliru dengan pemikirannya merasakan bahawa nikmat yang telah datang kepadanya adalah kerana Allah berserta dan kasih dengan perbuatan maksiat mereka.Masih ada juga orang ragu-ragu, kerana kalau kita hendak dapat kebahagian di dunia dan akhirat kita mesti ikut jejak langkah Rasullulah saw dan berpegang teguh pada agama Islam.Tetapi bagaimana dengan ada orang yang sembahyang 5 waktu sehari semalam, bangun tengah malam bertahajjud, puasa bukan di bulan Ramadhan sahaja, bahkan Isnin, Khamis dan puasa sunat y…


heh..heh... drove to the office today... calmly, listening to the love songs compilation :P naahhhh not in the jiwang mood... but more of being in control...ahaks...yeaa right.. and i am giggling now... reached the office.. clear up some things on my desk... and as my breakfast... checkin my blog.. gosh...for the past postings i was so full of frustration, anger.. and what not.. hmmmmm... wokay... at least i am feeling a bit better now... do i really? ... NOT... but...hey.. ok la tuh... one step at a time kan.. ;) anyway, AS, AP thank you for the karaoke session yesterday... 2 hours is too short... will do that again...very soon!

'let go of that past anger - it only makes u look older'

addiction returned...:O

err... addicted to it... and now its back.. :D karaoke... wuuhhuuu...

Bertakhta dihati - farahdhiya

Dihempas ombak
Terdampar buih
Menanti waktu pulang ke laut
Begitu rindu
Di pisah takdir
Meniti saat bersulam cinta

Ke dalam mataku
Sinarnya menyala
Ke dalam mataku
Cintamu bertahta
Sebelum ku kenal
Dirimu siapa
Aku tak kenali
Apa itu cinta
Setelah ku kenal
Dirimu sebenar
Kau cinta sejati
Kusandarkan jiwa

Huuuu hhuuuu

Digilis angin
Tercarik awan
Menanti detik sebelum hujan
Begitu sendu
Diguris resah
Meniti hari bersulam tangis

Ke dalam mataku
Sinarnya menyala
Ke dalam mataku
Cintamu bertahta (di hati)

Takkan berganjak pendirian ku ini selagi
kita tak kembali bersatu selamanya
Takkan berubah perasaan ini terhadapmu

Biar digugat
Biar dicabar
Biar dihalang

Sebelum ku kenal
Dirimu siapa
Aku tak kenali
Apa itu cinta
Setelah ku kenal
Dirimu sebenar
Kau cinta sejati
Kusandarkan jiwa

Kau cinta sejati
Kusandarkan jiwa

cinta - amy mastura

catchy song that angelina emailed to us... :)

Amy Mastura - Cinta

Jika ditanya tentang cinta
Macam-macam lah jawapannya
Ada cinta yang bawa ceria
Ada cinta yang sanggup merana

Sanggup berkorban apa saja
Hilang kawan hilang keluarga
Lebih baik cinta pada yang Esa
Hidup ini penuh pancaroba

Kiri kanan masalah saja
Janganlah derita kerna cinta
Kerana cinta bahagia
Kalau benar cinta itu buta
Siapa kan jadi mangsanya
Kalau cinta itu cinta setia
Nangis ketawa sama hahaha

Kalau kita boleh beli cinta
Berapa pula harganya
Alangkah indah kita dicinta
Kerana hidup kita lebih bahagia...

cobalah untuk setia

i played badminton this morning!! yeup... hahahaha..after so long... suddenly this morning i get the chance to play badminton with lisa. :D it was hot since we played at around 1030am. played until 1100am. oklahhh... the slippers that i wore tercabut! ahakss... well anyway... that was this morning's activity. now.... listen...ssshhhh... ;) ... this song was one of the songs selected yesterday during the karaoke session.... not been really studyin the lyrics.. but.. ok lah :) hey buddy.. this is for you

Apalah maumu kasih
Kau pilih diriku didalam hidupmu
Nyatanya kulihat kini
Tak bisa kau coba untuk setia
Sudah cukuplah sudah
Ku memberikan waktu
Kau selalu tak bisa
Mencoba untuk setia
Yang selalu kuinginkan
Yang selalu kunanti
Kau coba untuk mengerti
Apalah arti mencinta
Dan harus kau sadari
Bila ingin bersamaku
Jangan coba kau ingkari
Cobalah untuk setia
Masihkah aku di inginkan
Masihkah aku di dambakan
Masih ada waktu untukmu
Bersamamu akankah kujalani hidup

song: Cobalah untuk setia ~ Kris Dayanti


quality time with joelis :)

i think this is the first school holiday that we did not go anywhere...:D anywhere, means out of KL..hehehe..:D but, we still went out sightseeing..;) got a call from my dear elder sister asking if we wanna go and visit skybridge KLCC. hmmmm best gak... but my eyes were swollen that day... coz..hmmmm naper ye... well anyway, got to get up... or i will end up lying in bed feeling bluurrgghhh... so, we had breakfast at home, and left the house around 1015am to make sure we can reach KLCC by 1030am. here are some pictures from the bridge. more in the album.

had a BBQ on saturday for tea at my sister's place in USJ. i had 1.5 piece of chicken...some prawns...and believe it or not, when there were many people still enjoying their food, i quitely went into my sister's guest's room and took a nap...again... been sleeping a lot.. especially when there are so much things in my head. slept till maghrib..and my sister woke me up coz she wanted to go home already. got home, wash up... …

john tucker must die...

received an email from AB on the same day i sent the sms to PC to breakup with him. she was being nice and somehow it strucks my mind that my PC whom i adore once, is a good player in his stupid little game. it was the same pattern that he has done with his previous so-called relationships. he may think that i dont know anything, but i do know some things...just that i needed to hear it from him, himself one day. somehow or rather, this may flatter him but this is just me being me.. i treasure my friends... and i keep them.. it is sad that what PC has done, somehow has scared our friendship. he is a good actor too. but its okay... he can be the best actor that he wants, but for how long? how long can he lie to himself? i believed him eventhough my instinct says that he was untruthful. i tried to console myself eventhough i felt that it was too good to be true...he can run as far as he wants to, but sooner or later, he will need to stop somewhere. :) he taught me of how a 'real man…

aku ada karena kau ada :)

Artist: Radja
Album: unknown
Song: Aku Ada Karena Kau Ada

Cinta adalah anugerah yg Kuasa
Yang bila terasa betapa indahnya
Sungguh lemah diriku
Tak berarti hidupku
Bila tak ada dirimu
Andai ku bisa
Akan ku balas
Semua yang pernah engkau berikan
Terima kasih dariku
Atas ketulusanmu
Menyayangi diriku

Chorus 2x:

Aku ada karena kau pun ada
Dengan cinta
Kau buat diriku hidup selamanya
Andai ku bisa akan ku balas
Semua yg pernah engkau berikan
Terima kasih dariku
Atas ketulusanmu
Menyayangi diriku

Chorus 3x

Thank you for the song BM.... you've made my day... :) no worries... i survived before with an abusive guy... i can survive this time... he's a player...
see that smile on my face??? *wink* i will be okay ;)
have a good weekend... everyone...
he is a total jerk! okay, now i am upset... not because it doesnt work between us... i really hate it when it hits my joelis!!! since there is no explanation.. this is what he portrays about himself. he likes the challenge of pursuing women... thats what he is.. just that yes thats what he does. he will pursue all the way for the woman and when he is in the relationship, he chickened out... he is just too afraid of commitment. he may have all the charm.. but... all goes down the drain especially when he hurts my kids so bad!!! i shouldnt have accepted him in the beginning... yes, i do have regrets now.. lisa was the 1st person that i told.. and later joey got to know.. but you know what... all i can tell my kids is, take this as a lesson... do not hurt other people by giving them false hope... and joey.. jangan main2kan perasaan orang lain...coz u will get hurt one day... he made me believe that he can give me the happiness... i just wish i know why... or maybe he will just use the sa…

love is in the air!

ye ke tak boleh celebrate valentines? kalau sajer2 suka2 join the crowd tak boleh jugak ke? lots of emails that have been passed around when valentines is near. remembered during school time... its the most important day to remember... although i came from all girls school, we still celebrate.. :) those with boyfriends from different schools in KL, will actually received apples with chocolate on top.. :) those were the days... i had 2 apples with chocolates... and roses...OMG, from RM1.00 per stalk...became RM8.00 per joke... hmmm those were the days... and know what, few weeks ago, i thot i would be able to celebrate valentines again. but i guess, i dont know anymore. it has been getting vague lately. i have been listening to lots of theories that really brings me down. what else can i do... i just hope that its worth waiting for... and if my heart were to be broken, i'd take it as i have gone through a lot and i am sure i can handle this, with a smile :) and baby, if y…

joey... admitted

okay, now lets get into details... lisa discharged on tuesday morning... and joey admitted tuesday evening... which means... i have been sleeping at the hospital with my kids for 7 continous nites... cool tak? hemmm... joey had the same problem as his sister. cuma since he just recovered from chicken pox, his immune system is not that strong.. his temp went up to 39.9 on the day he was admitted. not good news for him as he needs to share a room with another patient. no, i was not okay...but we've no choice as all the single bedded rooms are full. and the 1st nite was hell... well...idak la sgt... but still... i had to endure with a person's snoring! kuat giler okay... eh no...bukan sorang, they both snored... they must be really tired... but.. i am too.. i cant sleep..heh..heh.. started to sms james, jennifer and SA. all 4 of us ended up chatting till 2am.. :)

2nd day at the hospital for joey...these cheered him up.. ;) or... one of the picts, it also cheered me up... in a way?…

joke for the day

taking a moment out of sadness...still sleeping at the hospital with joey this time...been there for 2 nites already, another 3 more nites to go... dont wish to update in details now...just wanna relax sekejap......and this made me smile...:)

A wife was making a breakfast of fried eggs for her husband.
Suddenly, her husband burst into the kitchen.
"Careful," he said,
Put in some more butter!
Oh my GOD!You're cooking too many at once.TOO MANY!
Turn them!TURN THEM NOW!
We need more butter.Oh my GOD!
WHERE are we going to get MORE BUTTER?
They're going to STICK!Careful .
You NEVER listen to me when you're cooking!Never!
Turn them!Hurry up!Are you CRAZY?Have you LOST your mind?
Don't forget to salt them.
You know you always forget to salt them.
Use the salt.USE THE SALT! THE SALT!"
The wife stared at him."What in the world is wrong with you? You think I don't know how to fry a couple of eggs?"
The husband calmly replied,…

still here

845pm, day 4:
still here at gleneagles. waiting for dear lisa to be discharged tomorrow after her last dose of antibiotic. well, that is the good news! :) the bad news is, as i am here typing this, joey is at the clinic with my mom and my younger sister :( now he is having fever, temperature -> 39, complained had a headache and just vomitted. so, i told my sister to take him to the clinic first and see what the doctor says, or straight away bring him here, to gleneagles. *sigh* now i am waiting patiently for my sister's phone call... for the verdict.. or... ergghh... i'd rather call her and ask...!

905pm, just spoke to my mom, joey's tummy masuk angin... given medicine for the tummy and fever. just spoke to joey and told him that he's a strong boy and to get well soon. :) demam rindu agaknya... i miss him too especially hugging him at nite. :) hmmm.... i will see him tomorrow morning when my sister brings him to fetch lisa from the hospital. i hope he will be okay by …

long weekend

how to start? hmmm.. right now i am typing this from lisa's room, gleneagles hospital. ;) lisa was admitted on friday morning. i myself was on MC due to my bad migraine. been thinking a lot... thinking of things that i shouldnt be thinking. well, i was given wayyyy too much space to do the unnecessary thinking... thanks a lot! :P was so glad that thursday was a public holiday. i totally forgot about it...arranged for a meeting with PCD in the evening around 630pm. got an email from EJ on wednesday and asked for 'sisters' get together..i ok jer.. since did not make any plans pun. yeaa..yeaa.. i am writing all jumbled up... so pandai2 la nak baca.. kay ;)

1st feb 2007: pasar borong here i come... wanted to lepak longer in bed.. but my younger sister woke me up.. told me that my mom wants someone to drive her to pasar borong serdang. makkk aii... jauh tuh..tapi tak pe laa... i quickly got up.. showered, and went downstairs.. looked for breakfast.. alahai...cekodok jer... :( hm…