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short trip to Sg Buloh

by - January 09, 2007

was at CM's house yesterday. beautiful house... nice garden :) cosy... met, 'khalil' hemmm hensem.. shiny.. :) met 'leya', 'zainal' and 'molly'... or was it 'polly'? remembered few years back when i merajuk, ran to Australia and stayed at CM's house... she left me in her home with 'zainal' sleeping next to me... :) baik jer.. the last time i met CM was at the dinner at GitaBayu. had a good chat. sampai lupa.. dah lewat. had dinner at the club house.. chat again.. it started to rain. we both walked back to her house and continue talking... did not cover everything, but yea... a bit here and there. some things made me wonder... wish could write it here... but.. *sigh* CM knows how i feel...vice versa. just wished it din happened.. but it did.. had to leave by 11pm... not because i want to... but i was getting sleepy.. and lisa called just before 1030pm... she was sleepy and just checkin' what time i am coming home... kesian dia :) looking forward for this weekend.. :) had a good quality time at CM's house although i had to go thru the jam...salah amik exit :D and sambil boring2 drive snap la gambor with my phone :D hahaha..

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