joey's birthday dinner

PC came over to the house to take us out for dinner, 3rd Jan 2007 nite.. to celebrate joey's 7th birthday. that was sweet of him to have the thot. :) ye laa... ye laa... koghang sure boring.. when it comes to my PC sumernya sweet...LOL...:D hahaha... relak lah kay... dah memang iyer, nak buat camner :P. well anyway, i fetched joelis around 545pm that day, first day of school so kena la awal sket takut joey lari kemana-mana :D so, my elder sis and i waited in front of our kids' class. got home, took a shower and relax kejap tunggu maghrib. joelis jemaah with my dad in the prayer room downstairs while i got ready upstairs. by 8pm received an sms from my PC letting us know that he is leaving his place.. by then we are all ready.. arrived at the restaurant around after 830pm. joelis were hungry.. :D ye laa biasa they have dinner around 630pm - 700pm. they shared carbonara, PC had mee hoon cantonese and i had kuey tiow cantonese. surprisingly, my joelis were really sporting that nite.. i was impressed... :) thank you my dear darlings.. ;) for the 1st time, they did not fight for their seats... hmmm... automatically they sat together and let PC and i sat in front of them. and yes..they finished their food. joey wanted choc volcano for dessert.. brownies with ice cream. i quickly went to the waiter and passed the candles that i brought earlier.. joey was surprised to see the dessert with a candle... tapi muka maintain cool.. lisa reminded her lil brother to make a wish before blowing the candle.. and we sang the birthday song for him while PC got ready with his camera...aahhhh he brought his camera... when i saw the camera in the car, i thot...he'eh...dia bawak camera.. bagusnyaa... :D well, you know, those little things but when its done, you really appreciate the thots and actions. :) and yess... he is a wonderful person...and i love him... for being him, as my buddy and my prince charming...and most of all for loving us all together :)
oh yes.. during dinner, joey did something cute, that did not come across my mind that he would do that... hehehehe... and lisa went along and play.. *sigh* i am 1 lucky mom to have such wonderful kids and sporting.. ahaksss..:D :P by 930pm, lisa is already sleepy... we went home straight away after that... got home at 1000pm...joelis were already asleep at the back of the car.. woke them up, say their goodbyes and went in... leaving me and my PC to say our goodnites ;)
thank you.. for being wonderful.. and for the simple and yet lovely evening.


Prince said…
It wasn't that difficult being nice to those who are already sweet and lovely...

This is for the birthday song they sang for me through the phone on my birthday in Langkawi. ;-)
Zita's Diary said…
Happy Belated Birthday Joey :)

And Congratulations Mummy - you have a very romantic darling boyfriend ...

All the Best and Happy New Year
jawe said…
thank u..:) yes..he is a romantic darling boyfriend in his own special way..;)

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