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its new year

by - January 01, 2007

felt lonely without my PC. wished he was with me, for new year eve, but tak pe la.. he has got prior arrangement. wished i was really okay with it, but the fact that i am not... makes me feel bluuechhh... :( the thing is, i am not the person who celebrates new year or go out on new year's eve... the last time i went out for new year's eve was wayyyyyy back in 2002 or was it 1998/1999 when i just got back from States. last nite was out with my youngest sister and cousin to meet up with friends at HR. had quite a good time. but of course.. if only my PC was around.. bla..bla..bla.. ahhh..

well anyway, he came to the house for lunch, commented on my cooking..:( and then we took the kids out to Petsworld just to test if joelis can really handle hamsters. i know i cant.. hehehe... geli laa.. too lembik :D then, we had a drink at starbucks, with joelis eating 1901 hotdogs. :D was proud of my PC... he was really cool with joelis. joelis got kinda excited going out with my PC. joey selamber gila... love to see when my PC dgn cool-nya took joey's hand.. and walked together. i thot it was sweet...;) lisa as usal, was still shy-shy..altho she was hyper jugak... pelik i tengok.. hemmm after Petsworld, we went to ToysRus.. lepak... joelis get to play some of the toys. i was looking for joey's birthday present but the set was too small for him... gagal disitu! sent joelis home at about 5 something.. my PC and i went for a drive... to see where he used to stay.. areas in ampang ;).. and rasa so sekejap. he sent me home, just before maghrib..

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