i was kinda kalut the nite before.. been keeping things in my head. till i can no longer bear it. i brokedown. did some stupid things.. well, anyway decided to really talked it out... yea... me being me... i will fact have been crying pun... felt tired i guess... or my head is tired..of keeping it all to myself. :( smsed my PC.. and managed to sort some things out with him.. heh..heh..:D felt a bit ackward actually... entah lah, maybe because we have been friends.. so the switching part from my side made me a bit... ngok ngek segan.. whatever.. sumer ada lah..hahahaha.. okay after this... apa-apa pun i will ask... so, thats it lah... hahaha.. apa-apa pun right now i really miss him..boleh? :D :P

okay...okay...enuf being mushy... :P.. today..joey's first day.. std 1. :D i am home right now after sending him to school. he was doing okay. muka nampak boring lah... but other than that, he's 1 cool dude! ;-) that's my son. lisa as usual, tak boleh lewat sket... mula lah gabra.. kalut... macam saper ehh? hahaha :D since she's already in std 4, laju je la dia jalan. left me behind with my sister and joey. so now i am taking a break... panas ..kat sekolah :D called my PC while waiting for joey in school just now... dia nak gi makan sate... hmmm sedapnya... sluurpp... tapi tak pe, i had ayam masak kurma + jantung + sambal belacan... sedap jugak.:P

oh yea... met my old school fren TM, she sends her son to the same school. well, her son and joey went to the same kindergarden.. so okaylah...jumpa old friend. hope to see them at joey's party during the weekend. well, i guess... better sign off kejap.. will post up some pictures later.


Muhammad Wafa said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Prince said…
Who's PC? Still trying to confuse others??? :-P
jawe said…
naahhh :P not trying to confuse others anymore... more of for security reasons... hahaha... fuyyooo.. lagi pun dunno if he wants his name to be published. ;)

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