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trip to kuala selangor

by - December 01, 2006

After 2 trips cancelled due to technical reasons… at least we managed to bring our precious joelis for a short trip jalan2 balik kampong. Hehehe… kesian diorang. The original plane was to go to Malacca… gagal, then we planned to stay at bagan lalang, pun gagal! Last2 balik kampong… jalan la jugak kan. :D

26th nov, 2006 Sunday morning, my mom took a peek into our bedroom and asked if we can drive her back to kg for a kenduri. First she asked my youngest sister, unfortunately, her driving license expired, so tinggal la, my younger sister and i. the thing is, we already planned to take joelis for a swim at the club. Tapi kesian pulak if my dad were to drive by himself. So, okay la…. Susun strategi balik.. so here..the story goes.

By 11am, we have already reached bukit badong. Had brunch at my mom’s cousin’s house. Dapat sayur tumis jawa… pergghhh… sedap makan. Lisa was not really well, so she was a bit moody. Joey, okay jer and dapat I suap dia nasi… banyak la dia makan. On the way to the car, joelis saw ulat gonggok for the first time! Hahaha…kelakar tengok joey geli!! LOL.. After makan, drove to my cousin’s house, coz my dad adalah his business for a while. Mak dud, joelis and i just stayed in the car.

By 130pm, we’ve checked in at depalma kuala selangor. Got to swim from 200pm till around 300pm. By the time we got into the room after swimming, hujan turun lebat. Luckily that was after the food arrived: D. lisa took a short nap while I worked on my newsletter. Joey was enjoying cartoon.

430pm, my parents asked us to pack our things coz we do not want to get trapped in the heavy rain. So, by 445pm, checked out and headed back to kl. Reached ijok at 520pm, stopped by at my uncle’s cendol pulut stall by the roadside. I was still hungry after the swim, nak cukai mushroom soup joey, tengok dia makan laju jer… hahaha… nak order lagi, dah hujan, org room service pun tak nak angkat phone! :D so, sampai situ, we ordered bakso. Well, actually mee hoon soup. My dad met his colleagues fm office. Suka dia… ala-ala jejak kasih lagi.

530pm gerak…. Eh… stop lagi… ada pasar malam rupanya… apa lagi… stop lah… bought baju tido for joelis, 2 pasang sorang. Lepas tu baru betul2 balik… by maghrib we already reached home. Fuhhh… what a journey! Tapi best lah… managed to make everyone happy.

My mom – coz she get to go to her cousin’s kenduri.
My dad – coz she get to see his nephew for some business.
Joelis – coz they get to swim with me around.
Mak dud – coz she fulfilled her promise to bring joelis for a swim.
Me – to be with all my loved ones that weekend!

Enjoy the pictures people! :) coz we enjoyed ourselves!

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