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lepak or date?

by - December 01, 2006

hahaha..LOL... my little joelis's interpretation. before that, let's see what do i call him today. hemm... N48. dont ask me why... but thats his nick for today. :D i had this conversation with my joelis one night when i wanted to go out.

me: i am going out tonite okay, if i am late you guys sleep first.
joey: who are you going out with ma?
me: i am going out with unc N48.
lisa: haa?? its a date?!
me: hey! no.. it is not a date!
joey: well... okay, if it is not a date then we can come along. and gave Hi 5 to lisa!
me: errrkks.... speechless!
joey: so...? ma?
me: err... okay, this is not a date and i am not taking you with me okay. coz nanti mama nak borak, and balik lambat, nanti you both ngantuk.
joey: okay... if you dont want to bring me and lisa, it is a date! and he gave me that smirk!

i caught joey, golek2 on the bed and gave him a big hug till he struggled to get out... hahaha padan muka!

well anyway, i had a lepak session/date with N48 yesterday. i was at work in the morning. was not well since monday actually. but yesterday dah tak tahan. went to the clinic, got MC and went back to sleep. later got up around 515pm. sent my mom to get some stuff. and took the lrt to klcc where i am supposed to meet up with N48. planned to get my hair washed first coz i was really looked sick and baru bangun tidor! so, stopped by at my beautician's shop at level 4. while getting my hair dried, N48 called and told me that he is going to be a bit late. hehehe extra time for me. :D while waiting, i had my nails done. sajer jer... gatal... and later just around 800pm, N48 called. and i went to see him at dome. hemmm ramai jugak orang kat dome. well almaklumlah, i am not the kind yang will lepak at klcc after work, so ala-ala tak tau la keadaan is going to be that ramai. so, okay la... we talked.. he talked about his day at the office, work etc. i did some of mine.. and itu la.. borak la lagi. i had a few iklan.. ggrrrr... my bro-in-law keep on calling, had my youngest sister called and joined us for a while. and yeup.. managed to sent her back with my elder sister. hehehe.. ye laa.. kacau jer ahakss.. but then okay la.. i dunno yesterday was a bit different kut. usually when we go out he will do most of the talking. but last nite we did talk about me. so i was kindof like... eerrmm.. i dunno what to say. probably, i am not that comfortable talking about me kut... hehehe.. :D boleh tak? but then again, it was good to see him, again. :) and yeaa... i was about to know more about him jugak... last sudah kena satu stare gitu! hahahaha!! just before 1000pm my younger sister smsed to tell me that she's almost there, so N48 walked me to the roadside and i pun balik lah with my younger sister... with cerita still hanging... :(

i had a good time last nite... :) and yezza... mousakka on the way soon! ;)

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