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from penang with love :)

by - December 23, 2006

hehee... chun tak title? yeup, in penang now. on holiday with my joelis... the trip that we've been waiting for... callum's family :D got up really early and push off from home around 630am. was still sleepy actually coz came back at around 11pm the nite before after a nite out with james. yeup....had dinner and did some banking stuff before my trip. was supposed to get my dream phone but spent more than 3 hours at the car accesorries shop instead, trying to repair my dvd player! *sigh* can we travel without it, my joelis will get bored in the car. well anyway, my car's condition is better now after the recent service, drove 130kmh constantly without feeling the car shaking. had a chance to read RL's blog. rasa sedih pulak. well, maybe i know why i feel sedih kut. well anyway, hope that things will turn out good for him and his... :) will always pray for the best ;) hmmm.. oh ye, tadi ramai bikers on the hi-way... chomel2...!! hahaha... oh and today, joelis and i wore army pants.. best.. will upload picture later kay.. :) i guess, this is the only time that i have using the computer at the hotel's internet cafe. i am gonna spend quality time with my joelis.. although wish PC could join us...heh..heh...dreammmmm on... :P

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