Saturday, December 23, 2006

another sweet nite out

i am gonna call him PC today. :) why? coz... he is my PC. been waiting for the nite. was it because of the get-together thing... or was it because its gonna be my first time bringing my PC to meet my friends? yes, he is charming indeed. :) i was kinda excited when i told my 'world' that i am bringing PC. kelakar kan.... i yg excited :D am i in love? i dunno... still too early for that. at least thats how i feel or am i in denial?? hahaha :D jiwang siol. i just dont want to hurt PC's feelings. i am just not ready for that yet. let's just go with the flow.. and see where fate brings us? ;)

he was early... i wasnt ready on time... yeup my fault. left the office quite late. had to settle some work before my long holiday next week. he looked handsome, with his blue striped long sleeve shirt. i sort of sms'ed him before that just to tell him that the place is not airconditioned. he was already on the way to my place. while waiting for me to get ready, joelis kept him entertained... hahaha kena main chess.. :D

we were sort of early.. well biasa la jemputan 830pm... and we reached the area me, early la tuh...hahaha.. TM, AZ and YF arrived with partner masing2. CM, SS and EJ belum, i felt a bit shy2... hahaha..kelakar kan. ye laa.. its just me la... kdg2 among friends pun i can be quiet. maybe because the usual gang tak sampai lagi kut. the place is beautiful... cosy... its like restaurant dlm hutan but best laa... :) and i am glad that i brought my PC with me ;). he looked comfortable. and its like, once a while, we'll be looking at each other and just smiled. heh..heh... and i am smiling too now while typing this..:P the feeling is like, i am just so glad, happy that he is with me by my side that nite. well, yeahhh malam tu ada camerawoman... TM z greatz... just hope the pictures wont get deleted this time like our last small gathering. hahaha.. my PC and i danced. maintained mamat tuh... actually. baguss...ahakss.. jahat i kan.. no laa... the thing is, he is tall and he doesnt need to move much, he'll look cool ;) and.. he looked cute when he danced lagu.. apa tuh...'push it'? sorry la...i failed bab2 title lagu nie.. and i taught him cha-cha.. basics.. ok la.. fast learner... maybe we can go to a proper dance class...ahah!! i'd love that... oh ya... lagu not bad... ada la zaman2 late 80s and 90s... zaman our school time. had a good laugh with CM, SS and EJ. i noticed that EJ has been staring at mcm tak percaya that i was thr with my PC that nite... wonder whats on her mind... hmmm... cant wait for the girls nite out... soon. :)

just after midnite, all of us went home.. and i felt that the nite with my PC was too short. :)


Prince said...

*Sing it to the tune of Jingle Bells*

Wedding Bells - Wedding Bells
Ringing all the way
Oh what fun it is to have
Your PC with you today... hey!

hahahahhahah! Sorry sis...just can't help it ;-)