Friday, December 29, 2006

bye bye 2006

2006 coming to an end. looking fwd to 2007... :) hmmmm rumors --> reality? wuuhuuu... ek eleh...dunno..:D tonite... will be with my PC again, thats for sure.. :) yey.. see la... if the computer at home dah ok... i might write more... sebelum habis 2006... otherwise...tunggu la.. next year.

joey will start school... std 1... so fast :) yeup first day in school... on his birthday lagi! shian dia.. tapi tak per... we will be celebrating his birthday some other day. :) lisa... std 4, and she'll be around to take care of her little bro. hmmmphh..... :) dah besar anak2 ku... ahakss... :) wokay... till later.... take care... and selamat hari raya aidil adha. :)

Thursday, December 28, 2006

rumours.... :)) gelak dulu boleh tak? i bumped into MX during lunch just now... and suddenly he sort of congratulate me in advance.. i was like...huh..? yg kelakar tu, i did say thanks... and then baru tanya... why aah? :O and he went like... u and PC are together? (of course not saying his name here lah kannn...:P) what do u mean together? and he made that hand sign... my understanding was, yeahh...we are going out, dates...etc... but what he had in mind was marriage!! perrgghhh..... laju tu babe... lol! esok hantar la card eh... i did asked my younger sister this morning if she told MJ abt me & PC, and she admit that... cuma it seems that MJ has not seen MX for a while... so mana datang rumours nie??? hello.... i din know what to say to MX... i went like... apa-apa pun tunggu je laaa...

agaknya... mcm tu la artis rasa kan? :O :)) lol...relaksss...jangan marah.. bukan perasan... but weird that suddenly mcmn leh kena serang dgn soalan2 macam nie.. and the thing is i dont know how to react... should i be happy? should i be upset? why should i be upset..? or should i be embarrased? truth is... i dont know. well, we (PC and I) are in the midst of knowing each other better although... yea... once a while ada lah terlepas the feelings thingy... (or its becoming more frequent now) hahaha.. cant help it.. yes... i am a happier woman now... well, its about time, right? life aint easy... but, it is improving... looking forward to 2007... and most important of all... to be with my PC... hahahah uurrggghhhh jiwangsssss.... :P :P :P gosh... i just love that guy... i love being with him... he makes me feel comfortable... mcm tak best je that word kan... comfortable... boleh tak? or... i am being myself when i am with him.. well... ok... 90%!! most importantly, my joelis love him. and he's good with my joelis. its like... he's sweet.. in his own way... yeaa... he talks a lot... and sometimes, i just dont know what to say... and i just like to just look at him. i am still searching... but what am i afraid of? why cant i just let go my feelings? i am afraid of getting hurt... kut.. i shouldnt... kan? or was it too fast?? apa yg too fast nya... we sort of kenal dah lama... bukan baru kenal... kan? ;) to be continued...

Saturday, December 23, 2006

another sweet nite out

i am gonna call him PC today. :) why? coz... he is my PC. been waiting for the nite. was it because of the get-together thing... or was it because its gonna be my first time bringing my PC to meet my friends? yes, he is charming indeed. :) i was kinda excited when i told my 'world' that i am bringing PC. kelakar kan.... i yg excited :D am i in love? i dunno... still too early for that. at least thats how i feel or am i in denial?? hahaha :D jiwang siol. i just dont want to hurt PC's feelings. i am just not ready for that yet. let's just go with the flow.. and see where fate brings us? ;)

he was early... i wasnt ready on time... yeup my fault. left the office quite late. had to settle some work before my long holiday next week. he looked handsome, with his blue striped long sleeve shirt. i sort of sms'ed him before that just to tell him that the place is not airconditioned. he was already on the way to my place. while waiting for me to get ready, joelis kept him entertained... hahaha kena main chess.. :D

we were sort of early.. well biasa la jemputan 830pm... and we reached the area me, early la tuh...hahaha.. TM, AZ and YF arrived with partner masing2. CM, SS and EJ belum, i felt a bit shy2... hahaha..kelakar kan. ye laa.. its just me la... kdg2 among friends pun i can be quiet. maybe because the usual gang tak sampai lagi kut. the place is beautiful... cosy... its like restaurant dlm hutan but best laa... :) and i am glad that i brought my PC with me ;). he looked comfortable. and its like, once a while, we'll be looking at each other and just smiled. heh..heh... and i am smiling too now while typing this..:P the feeling is like, i am just so glad, happy that he is with me by my side that nite. well, yeahhh malam tu ada camerawoman... TM z greatz... just hope the pictures wont get deleted this time like our last small gathering. hahaha.. my PC and i danced. maintained mamat tuh... actually. baguss...ahakss.. jahat i kan.. no laa... the thing is, he is tall and he doesnt need to move much, he'll look cool ;) and.. he looked cute when he danced lagu.. apa tuh...'push it'? sorry la...i failed bab2 title lagu nie.. and i taught him cha-cha.. basics.. ok la.. fast learner... maybe we can go to a proper dance class...ahah!! i'd love that... oh ya... lagu not bad... ada la zaman2 late 80s and 90s... zaman our school time. had a good laugh with CM, SS and EJ. i noticed that EJ has been staring at mcm tak percaya that i was thr with my PC that nite... wonder whats on her mind... hmmm... cant wait for the girls nite out... soon. :)

just after midnite, all of us went home.. and i felt that the nite with my PC was too short. :)

from penang with love :)

hehee... chun tak title? yeup, in penang now. on holiday with my joelis... the trip that we've been waiting for... callum's family :D got up really early and push off from home around 630am. was still sleepy actually coz came back at around 11pm the nite before after a nite out with james. yeup....had dinner and did some banking stuff before my trip. was supposed to get my dream phone but spent more than 3 hours at the car accesorries shop instead, trying to repair my dvd player! *sigh* can we travel without it, my joelis will get bored in the car. well anyway, my car's condition is better now after the recent service, drove 130kmh constantly without feeling the car shaking. had a chance to read RL's blog. rasa sedih pulak. well, maybe i know why i feel sedih kut. well anyway, hope that things will turn out good for him and his... :) will always pray for the best ;) hmmm.. oh ye, tadi ramai bikers on the hi-way... chomel2...!! hahaha... oh and today, joelis and i wore army pants.. best.. will upload picture later kay.. :) i guess, this is the only time that i have using the computer at the hotel's internet cafe. i am gonna spend quality time with my joelis.. although wish PC could join us...heh..heh...dreammmmm on... :P

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

cinta part II

Artist: Melly Goeslaw

Menatap jalan yang menjauh
Tentukan arah yg ku mau
Tempatkan aku pada satu
Peristiwa yang membuat hati lara

Di dekat engkau aku tenang
Sendu matamu penuh tanya
Misteri hidup akankah menghilang
Dan bahagia di akhir cerita

Cinta ~ tegarkan hatiku
Tak mau sesuatu merenggut engkau
Naluriku berkata
Tak ingin terulang lagi
Kehilangan cinta hati
Bagai raga tak bernyawa

Aku junjung petuamu
Cintai dia yang mencintaiku
Hati yang dulu belayar
Kini telah menepi
Bukankah hidup kita
Akhirnya harus bahagia

Biar saja ada
Yang terjadi biar saja terjadi
Bagai manapun hidup
Memang hanya cerita
Cerita tentang meninggalkan dengan ditinggalkan

as i was driving to work today... i listen to this song. been repeating the same song for the past few days. and each time i reach to certain part of the lyrics, i'll be crying... :) i dunno, i'll feel sad. i guess because it relates to what is going on around me. i just need time, to heal. (apart from being with my lovely joelis and family)being in my car, alone, driving, is the most valuable time that i treasure. i'll be listening to my favorite songs, layannnn... and enjoy the music, lyrics and be with myself, and at the same time, thinking of few people who have an effect on my life... and i will not stop wishing, hoping and praying for my own happiness. :) and i know, it is out there... it is just a matter of time...:)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


"isteri bukan untuk dimiliki, tetapi suatu anugerah......."

finally... actually decided to watch the movie.. well, i have been wanting to watch this movie on the 1st day it was shown but, i guess.. i was too busy.. or maybe, i wanted to go with the right person. :) i read my youngest sister's blog the nite before. and when i read what she wrote, go with someone you love, well...(putting family aside) unfortunately right now, i have not reached there yet... hahaa.. having someone that i love... or i should be in love with.. i guess there is nothing wrong going to the movie with someone that i could be in love with...later..? hehehe... complicated tak? aarrgghh... tak kisah la..kan. and u know what? no regrets... although he was laughing at me when i cried... i tak kisah (read as...aiman tak kisah!) hahaa..maybe i am feeling comfortable with him... no doubt la he can make me feel uncomfortable with his stare...or when he started to tembak me, and when at that time, i would feel like... can i go under the table or somethin'? (roll of eyes...) uurrggghh... he did that 3 times in 3 days okay! tapi tak per... his time will come...ahah! apa-apa pun... i am a happy woman! :) thanks again for a great nite out. :) and most important of all, when i came back, lisa did ask, whom did i go out with, and when i mentioned his name, there is a smile on her face... and she said..'wokay...i've got another letter for him' yeaa... the bond that joelis have with him that i dont know right now... ;-) lettersss....

Thursday, December 14, 2006

missing joelis...

i am so sleepy right now... have been sleeping late since last week. now, as i am typing this, i really miss joelis so much. they are with their dad right now goin for a swim. and i am working... but i miss them... how aaahh... and keep on looking at their photos that i just scanned last night :D pictures taken during our trip to london & paris in 2004.

Monday, December 11, 2006

people come into your life for a reason

received this in my inbox this morning and it is a good reminder for me and others.
People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person.
When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is done. The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on.
Some people come into your life for a SEASON, because your turn has come to share, grow or learn. They bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh. They may teach you something you have never done. They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy. Believe it, it is real. But only for a season!
LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons, things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation. Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person and put what you have learned to use in all other relationships and areas of your life. It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.
Thank you for being a part of my life, whether you were a reason, a season or a lifetime.

  • first thing that came across my mind was my fren, 180kmh who has been repeating, reminding me that things happen for a reason. thank u 180kmh :)
  • thanks too to james, jennifer, angelina, for the friendship, for filling up my nights... being there for me at all times, bear with my cryings... laughter.. great long nights :)
  • to my dearest joelis and family... my strength, to go on with life and making sure that we cherish every moment of it :)
  • cam, for the beautiful season, and lesson that people do change. thank u for all the love and care and wonderful kids that we share. hey... it rhymes... hehehe :D

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

stars are blind..

its already december... 2006 is coming to an end. and where am i? still stuck? perhaps, i should do something about it. i need to move on... and here's a song for ya.. ;) i wanna do things that i am happy doin.. i wanna be myself.

boring kan...bebalik... nak move on ... bebalik nak move on... buhsan tahap maksima...LOL... ok la...apa2 pun... la ni dok layan lagu nie... coz...thats how i am feelin... wuuhhuuu...

Artist: Paris Hilton

I don't mind spending some time
Just hanging here with you
Cuz I don't find too many guys
That treat me like you do
Those other guys all wanna take me for a ride
But when I walk their talk is suicide
Some people never get beyond their stupid pride
But you can see the real me inside
And I'm satisfied, oh no, ohh

Even though the gods are crazy
Even though the stars are blind
If you show me real love baby
I'll show you mine

I can make you nice and naughty
Be the devil and angel too
Got a heart and soul and body
Let's see what this love can do

Baby i'm perfect for you
My love, ohh oh

I could be your confidante
Just one of your girlfriends
But I know that love's what you want
If tomorrow the world ends

Why shouldn't we be with the one we really love?
Now tell me who have you been dreaming of
At night at home? oh no, ohh

Even though the gods are crazy
Even though the stars are blind
If you show me real love baby
I'll show you mine

I can make you nice and naughty
Be the devil and angel too
Got a heart and soul and body
Let's see what this love can do
Baby i'm perfect for you

Excuse me for feeling
This moment is critical
Might be me feeling
It could get physical, oh no, no no

Even though the gods are crazy
Even though the stars are blind
If you show me real love baby
I'll show you mine

I can make you nice and naughty
Be the devil and angel too
Got a heart and soul and body
Let's see what this love can do
Let's see what this love can do
Baby I'm perfect for you
Baby I'm perfect for you

Even though the gods are crazy
Even though the stars are blind
Even though the gods are crazy
Even though the stars are blind

Friday, December 1, 2006

trip to kuala selangor

After 2 trips cancelled due to technical reasons… at least we managed to bring our precious joelis for a short trip jalan2 balik kampong. Hehehe… kesian diorang. The original plane was to go to Malacca… gagal, then we planned to stay at bagan lalang, pun gagal! Last2 balik kampong… jalan la jugak kan. :D

26th nov, 2006 Sunday morning, my mom took a peek into our bedroom and asked if we can drive her back to kg for a kenduri. First she asked my youngest sister, unfortunately, her driving license expired, so tinggal la, my younger sister and i. the thing is, we already planned to take joelis for a swim at the club. Tapi kesian pulak if my dad were to drive by himself. So, okay la…. Susun strategi balik.. so here..the story goes.

By 11am, we have already reached bukit badong. Had brunch at my mom’s cousin’s house. Dapat sayur tumis jawa… pergghhh… sedap makan. Lisa was not really well, so she was a bit moody. Joey, okay jer and dapat I suap dia nasi… banyak la dia makan. On the way to the car, joelis saw ulat gonggok for the first time! Hahaha…kelakar tengok joey geli!! LOL.. After makan, drove to my cousin’s house, coz my dad adalah his business for a while. Mak dud, joelis and i just stayed in the car.

By 130pm, we’ve checked in at depalma kuala selangor. Got to swim from 200pm till around 300pm. By the time we got into the room after swimming, hujan turun lebat. Luckily that was after the food arrived: D. lisa took a short nap while I worked on my newsletter. Joey was enjoying cartoon.

430pm, my parents asked us to pack our things coz we do not want to get trapped in the heavy rain. So, by 445pm, checked out and headed back to kl. Reached ijok at 520pm, stopped by at my uncle’s cendol pulut stall by the roadside. I was still hungry after the swim, nak cukai mushroom soup joey, tengok dia makan laju jer… hahaha… nak order lagi, dah hujan, org room service pun tak nak angkat phone! :D so, sampai situ, we ordered bakso. Well, actually mee hoon soup. My dad met his colleagues fm office. Suka dia… ala-ala jejak kasih lagi.

530pm gerak…. Eh… stop lagi… ada pasar malam rupanya… apa lagi… stop lah… bought baju tido for joelis, 2 pasang sorang. Lepas tu baru betul2 balik… by maghrib we already reached home. Fuhhh… what a journey! Tapi best lah… managed to make everyone happy.

My mom – coz she get to go to her cousin’s kenduri.
My dad – coz she get to see his nephew for some business.
Joelis – coz they get to swim with me around.
Mak dud – coz she fulfilled her promise to bring joelis for a swim.
Me – to be with all my loved ones that weekend!

Enjoy the pictures people! :) coz we enjoyed ourselves!

lepak or date?

hahaha..LOL... my little joelis's interpretation. before that, let's see what do i call him today. hemm... N48. dont ask me why... but thats his nick for today. :D i had this conversation with my joelis one night when i wanted to go out.

me: i am going out tonite okay, if i am late you guys sleep first.
joey: who are you going out with ma?
me: i am going out with unc N48.
lisa: haa?? its a date?!
me: hey! no.. it is not a date!
joey: well... okay, if it is not a date then we can come along. and gave Hi 5 to lisa!
me: errrkks.... speechless!
joey: so...? ma?
me: err... okay, this is not a date and i am not taking you with me okay. coz nanti mama nak borak, and balik lambat, nanti you both ngantuk.
joey: okay... if you dont want to bring me and lisa, it is a date! and he gave me that smirk!

i caught joey, golek2 on the bed and gave him a big hug till he struggled to get out... hahaha padan muka!

well anyway, i had a lepak session/date with N48 yesterday. i was at work in the morning. was not well since monday actually. but yesterday dah tak tahan. went to the clinic, got MC and went back to sleep. later got up around 515pm. sent my mom to get some stuff. and took the lrt to klcc where i am supposed to meet up with N48. planned to get my hair washed first coz i was really looked sick and baru bangun tidor! so, stopped by at my beautician's shop at level 4. while getting my hair dried, N48 called and told me that he is going to be a bit late. hehehe extra time for me. :D while waiting, i had my nails done. sajer jer... gatal... and later just around 800pm, N48 called. and i went to see him at dome. hemmm ramai jugak orang kat dome. well almaklumlah, i am not the kind yang will lepak at klcc after work, so ala-ala tak tau la keadaan is going to be that ramai. so, okay la... we talked.. he talked about his day at the office, work etc. i did some of mine.. and itu la.. borak la lagi. i had a few iklan.. ggrrrr... my bro-in-law keep on calling, had my youngest sister called and joined us for a while. and yeup.. managed to sent her back with my elder sister. hehehe.. ye laa.. kacau jer ahakss.. but then okay la.. i dunno yesterday was a bit different kut. usually when we go out he will do most of the talking. but last nite we did talk about me. so i was kindof like... eerrmm.. i dunno what to say. probably, i am not that comfortable talking about me kut... hehehe.. :D boleh tak? but then again, it was good to see him, again. :) and yeaa... i was about to know more about him jugak... last sudah kena satu stare gitu! hahahaha!! just before 1000pm my younger sister smsed to tell me that she's almost there, so N48 walked me to the roadside and i pun balik lah with my younger sister... with cerita still hanging... :(

i had a good time last nite... :) and yezza... mousakka on the way soon! ;)