Tuesday, November 14, 2006

snap shots..

hari raya celebration: weekends have been full for us and i am sure for most of you too. open house, open office, this kenduri, that kenduri.. as usual, time has not been on my side.

school events: i took leave last week on friday. lisa received her anugerah cemerlang award for getting no. 2 in class and no 3 in standard, out of 390 pupils. yeup... i am so proud of her. she had a nice surprise to see her daddy came. from our side as usual, my parents, mak dud. joey insisted to go to his school. for a start, somebody forgot that he should maintained like a stranger.. he was smiling generously when he first arrived. but later, "oopsss... i forgot, i shouldnt show that i am glad to see everyone?" laadaaaa!!... (as lisa always said). and since i have been delaying some pictures to show... pls.. feel free to visit the school events pictures.

my 'open house': not really open house la. just a simple makan2. i really enjoyed the company. really. :) did not really invite that many people. i know some of my friends might kecik hati or what not la... but sorry ye. next year insyaallah when i am more stable, i will do a proper open house during raya. here are some pictures. :) joelis had a good time forcing james to play UNO with them.. hahaha :D. SA got into the trap too later. and here are pictures... :D

had a good chat with a fren. he stayed from 2.45pm till around 7pm. was quite surprised that he actually looked comfortable at my house. well, i hope he was really :). once a while had to leave him coz i had to attend to my relatives. we talked and somehow, the thot came that we've known each other since school time (by name). met for a while when we were studying in the same Poly, and that was it. and he appears again sometime in 2005, and we chat. he came back to malaysia and we didn't really had the opportunity to really talk. but you know what, i had a good time talking to him that day. :) felt like jejak kasih an old friend gitu.

my dad's birthday: it was also my dad's 67th birthday on 12th Nov 2006. we bought a cake and had a small celebration after maghrib. sorry about the picture quality. i took them with my video camera, so hasilnya agak gelap. :)


Prince said...

Siapa frend yang duduk samapi berjam-jam tu? Dia tak de rumah ke? hahahahah

jawe said...

itu la tu.... nampak cam selesa je dia tu...agaknya sebab dah pekena kopi kut :D LOL!!