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my blabbering..

by - November 21, 2006

its 1120pm and i am writing my blog while waiting for my sweethearts to come home from a movie with their dad. miss joelis so much. yea.. i know.. but that's how it is. :) i just got back from having dinner with... lets say... what do i call him. *wink* hehehehe... OMG i am actually laughing even just to think of a nick name for him..ahaks... okaylah, tonite i am gonna call him... errr..180kmh :P hehehe... okay, i am not so much of a good company tonite. at least that was how i felt. i was more of disturbed emotionally? hmmm... not good huh. but well, we had a great time anyway! back to memory lane.. yeaa... back during our studying time.. and about our childhood. well as usual, i will let him do the talking.. ahaks... and first time i ate at the ampang yong tau foo. sedap laaah :D hemmm boleh la makan lagi. today or since yesterday la, my tummy rasa tak sedap actually. and today, had nasi beriyani for lunch, had sate at 3.45pm during an open house at the office. so just had yong tau foo for dinner just nice lah. perut rasa sebu gitu. i took ENO at 5pm. i was also feeling a bit down later in the evening before goin home. had teh tarik session with james.. and pour it out to him. kesian james.. people around might thought that he was the one who made me cry... hemmphh... tak pe la james kan... ;;) you will always be my james... hehehe.. well anyway, as i was on the way home from office my bro-in-law called, so i kena la jadik pick up for him pulak kat KLCC... ok lah.. jalan balik jam sket... i sudah panic... alamak.. i dah laa ala2 tak stabil.. pas tu jalan jam lak.. and 180kmh is coming around 815pm! hmmm tak pe.. i have plenty of time. it was only 7.36pm. managed to get home just before 800pm, buat apa2 yg patut... and o'uh... he's here! 8.15 sharp okay... sabor jer ler.. plus point! he has been on the dot twice! alamakkk... jap ehh... time now is 11.40pm... my joelis just came home... yey! it was so great to hear their voice.. hugging them right at the door! :D looks like i got to stop blogging now.. eh jap.. ada lagi 5 minutes..heheh... joey tgh wash up and tukar into his pyjamas. well... am trying not to think too much right now. just trying to stabilize my brain! hahahaha... err... am i talking nonsense? well, get use to it... i will be like that for a while... kah..kah..kah... hmmpphhh *sigh* i am just so happy to see my kids home :) goodnite everyone... time to sleep... long day at work tomorrow. ;) thanks again for dinner 180kmh! had another good time :)

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