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tak ada logica

Agnes Monica – Tak ada Logika

Bukannya aku tak tahu
Kau sudah ada yang punya
Atau bisikan cinta
Ku tahu engkau berdusta

Namun ku tak mau mengerti
Selama kau masih bersamaku
Karna ku suka
Ku butuh cinta yang pernah hilang dariku

Cinta ini kadang-kadang tak ada logika
Ilusi sebuah hasrat dalam hati
Ku hanya ingin dapat memiliki
Dirimu hanya untuk sesaat

Bukannya aku tak tahu
Kau sudah ada yang punya
Karna telah kau bisikkan cintamu padaku
Ku tahu engkau berdusta aaaaa

Cinta ini kadang-kadang tak ada logika
Ilusi sebuah hasrat dalam hati
Ku hanya ingin dapat memiliki
Dirimu hanya untuk sesaat

i tend to listen to songs and relate the lyrics to my own life. so i guess, this is my life so far. i had been crying yesterday, last nite and this morning on the way to work. i cried while listening to this song. its already above being sad. its like, you know, you have feelings towards someone but you know you cant have him. over time, the feelings will go away, but the nice things that once happened between both of y…

my blabbering..

its 1120pm and i am writing my blog while waiting for my sweethearts to come home from a movie with their dad. miss joelis so much. yea.. i know.. but that's how it is. :) i just got back from having dinner with... lets say... what do i call him. *wink* hehehehe... OMG i am actually laughing even just to think of a nick name for him..ahaks... okaylah, tonite i am gonna call him... errr..180kmh :P hehehe... okay, i am not so much of a good company tonite. at least that was how i felt. i was more of disturbed emotionally? hmmm... not good huh. but well, we had a great time anyway! back to memory lane.. yeaa... back during our studying time.. and about our childhood. well as usual, i will let him do the talking.. ahaks... and first time i ate at the ampang yong tau foo. sedap laaah :D hemmm boleh la makan lagi. today or since yesterday la, my tummy rasa tak sedap actually. and today, had nasi beriyani for lunch, had sate at 3.45pm during an open house at the office. so just had yong …


i have other post(s) that are still on draft. but right now... this is how i feel... and i wanna share this.. :) a song by amy mastura.


Setiap langkah ku atur
Semuanya tidak betul
Katamu tidak teratur
Ku bersabar ku perbetul

Namun langkahku tidak betul
Segalanya yang menyusul
Katamu tidak teratur
Ku bersabar ku perbetul

Ku cuba fahami segala
Namun berat jiwa
Untuk ku mengalah lagi dengannya
Ku cuba selami semua
Namun apa daya
Untukku mengalah lagi dengannya

Bingung dengan cinta (yang pertama)
Bingung dengan dia (yang melanda)
Bingung yang ku rasa (jiwa ini)
Bingung yang melanda

Bingung kerana cinta
Kerananya ku merana
Bingung kerana dia
Kebingungan yang menimpa

Bingung yang ku rasa
Bingung yang melanda
Bila mula ku berkata
Ada saja yang tak kena
Ku akur dengan semua
Ku bersabar ku perbetul

Inilah ragam manusia
Ku turutkan segalanya
Ku terpaksa dan dipaksa
Ku bersabar ku perbetul

Oh kerananya ku sengsara
Tak ingin lagi bersama
Ku percaya hati luka ini
Akan bahagia tanpa dia

Vokal: Amy Mastura
Lagu/Lirik: Cat Farish/…

snap shots..

hari raya celebration: weekends have been full for us and i am sure for most of you too. open house, open office, this kenduri, that kenduri.. as usual, time has not been on my side.

school events: i took leave last week on friday. lisa received her anugerah cemerlang award for getting no. 2 in class and no 3 in standard, out of 390 pupils. yeup... i am so proud of her. she had a nice surprise to see her daddy came. from our side as usual, my parents, mak dud. joey insisted to go to his school. for a start, somebody forgot that he should maintained like a stranger.. he was smiling generously when he first arrived. but later, "oopsss... i forgot, i shouldnt show that i am glad to see everyone?"laadaaaa!!... (as lisa always said). and since i have been delaying some pictures to show... pls.. feel free to visit the school events pictures.

my 'open house': not really open house la. just a simple makan2. i really enjoyed the company. really. :) did not really invite that ma…

fantabulous raya 2006

is there such word? hehehe.. okay, i owe a write up on our raya 2006 celebration. here goes. when we were in kampong, i have lots of things to write. pergi sini, rasa mcm nak masuk dlm blog, pergi sana, rasa mcm nak update jugak.. but in the end, cant squeeze everything coz mood sudah lari. haha :D raya this year was just like any other raya. its the 2nd raya for JoeLis without daddy. this year they seemed to be quite calm about it, except that Lisa was unwell the night before that i was kinda panicked. Joey had his 1st experience following my dad for takbir raya! he was so excited! :D i was calmer too this year abt not having him around. but of course, feeling of something that's missing is still there. but hey... life is good and we need to move on :) my mom however was weak. yeup... she has always been the most energetic one. she loves shopping but this year, i felt it, that she no longer shop that much. she gets tired easily. same goes preparation before raya. but alhamdulilla…