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sweet moments, joey & i

by - October 31, 2006

i have been having this swollen area at my thigh. makes it difficult for me to get down to sujud during prayers. so yesterday, by 9pm, i was feeling so blergghhh.. lisa, as usual, will sleep early. i tried to sleep and get joey sleep as well, but he was so energetic last night. maybe coz he slept in the afternoon. so, i asked him, if he doesnt want to sleep, can he massage my leg? and he said, okay...:)

me: joey tak nak tidur, urut kaki mama la, boleh?
joey: okay ma... kat mana? nak jampi ke?
me: huh???
joey: ye la, nak jampi ke?
me: waaa... ada jampi ke?
joey: boleh... and smile..
me: ok.. jom kat depan tv. mama ambik minyak urut. and he followed me to the family room.

after a few minutes...

joey: maa.. dah belum?
me: naper? joey dah penat ke?
joey: haah. tangan joey dah penat.
me: okay, can we sleep now? it was already 10pm at that time.
joey: okay, jom.

in bed..

joey: ma..
me: ye syg..
joey: mama nak joey urut lagi ke?
me: smile... laa... kata dah penat?
joey: looked at me... tak pe la mama.. joey boleh urut pakai kaki. :D and he massaged my leg with his leg. just like his daddy used to do last time.
me: eh! tak mau la pakai kaki syg.
joey: huh? naper ma?
me: giggle a lil bit... hehehe... it reminds me of your daddy.
joey: smile. reminds you of daddy? why?
me: smile back. coz last time, he will massage me every night before sleep. but when he is tired, he will still do it but massage my leg with his leg :D hehehe
joey: ohhhh..... and gave me that naughty smile. ma, can i play with my game boy? just five zero minutes..plssss
me: okay, 5 minutes only :)
joey: thank you maa.. and took his gameboy
me: took my hp and smsed my pet sis and share with her what had just happened.
joey: maa... do u feel jealous of auntie sha?
me: giggled... felt funny with his question. no syg, i don't feel jealous of auntie sha.
joey: why did daddy divorce you?
me: because he doesn't love me anymore.
joey: i think he likes auntie sha more than you.
me: hehehe... giggle again. yea, i think so too. :) your 5 minutes up darling. you can keep your game boy now, lets sleep.
joey: oh no! 5 minutes over? hemmm okay...

kept his game boy at his toys' pocket.

joey: maa..
me: yes syg
joey: i cant sleep
me: baca doa... :) and i hugged him tighter.
joey: that's too tight... and we both were laughing. eermmm joey la poluk mama.
me: yey.... best nya.. :) okay.

joey turned facing me, hug me, and we both went to sleep, while my right hand was holding lisa. :) it was a sweet conversation that i had with my little joey. :) and i got up this morning, still with the smile.

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