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sweet moments, joey & i

i have been having this swollen area at my thigh. makes it difficult for me to get down to sujud during prayers. so yesterday, by 9pm, i was feeling so blergghhh.. lisa, as usual, will sleep early. i tried to sleep and get joey sleep as well, but he was so energetic last night. maybe coz he slept in the afternoon. so, i asked him, if he doesnt want to sleep, can he massage my leg? and he said, okay...:)

me: joey tak nak tidur, urut kaki mama la, boleh?
joey: okay ma... kat mana? nak jampi ke?
me: huh???
joey: ye la, nak jampi ke?
me: waaa... ada jampi ke?
joey: boleh... and smile..
me: ok.. jom kat depan tv. mama ambik minyak urut. and he followed me to the family room.

after a few minutes...

joey: maa.. dah belum?
me: naper? joey dah penat ke?
joey: haah. tangan joey dah penat.
me: okay, can we sleep now? it was already 10pm at that time.
joey: okay, jom.

in bed..

joey: ma..
me: ye syg..
joey: mama nak joey urut lagi ke?
me: smile... laa... kata dah penat?
joey: looked at me... tak p…

what raya means to me/us this year

everybody will be looking forward for raya, me included. but this time, its the 2nd raya for my joelis to be without their daddy. joey has been cheerful the whole fasting month. he has been fasting most of the days, alhamdulillah. lisa, insyaallah will get full 30 days of fasting this year like the previous years. as for me, i have been ill the whole of last week, lost 3 kg in 4 days. that's what happened when i started to complained about my weight :D. i have not bought anything for myself yet, concentrating for joelis first. my mom gave me some money to buy some new clothes for joelis. i realize that things will get worst between me and their dad. this year, he did not give anything for their children except rm50. apa-apa pun, alhamdulillah. itu sahaja rezeki anak2 untuk tahun ni from their loving dad.

photo shoot

went to the studio for photo shoot yesterday. originally it was just for 1 or 2 shots but ended up more than that. most important thing, we enjoyed ourselves. :D check out for more...