Friday, September 29, 2006

things have changed

was at bsc during lunch today. just got to get out of the office. havent been to bsc for quite some time. a lot of promotions for raya and deepavali. my fren went for her groceries, i walked around and meet up with my 2 other friends who opened up a booth there during ramadhan. saw azwan ali.. heh..heh.. i saw a booth with swarovski.. (is that how they spell it) but was shy to stopby even to take a look at it. i know that things have changed for me. i no longer go shopping in that area. so i just went off straight to my friends' booth. stayed there for about 10 minutes and went up to guardian and bought the hair gel that joey asked for. :D yeup, he asked for hair gel and he is 6 years old. :D anyway, done with groceries, meet up with my fren and she accompanied to the swarovski booth.. yey! hemm.. not so bad la the price, affordable. :) i have been so afraid of buying things nowadays coz i have to make sure that whatever i have is enough till end of the month for me and my kids. i wish i could just browse thru the beautiful clothes sold at the booth. well, with my fren beside me, i dared to take a look... and guess what.. RM780 for a pair of baju kurung! darnn... and i jokingly said to my fren, that was about the price for my baju nikah 10 years ago man!! LOL.. *sigh*

yey its friday... i have been waiting for weekend! aarrgghh.... best nyer lepak rumah. :) have a good weekend u guys.

before that, enjoy this joke that i received in my mailbox today! :D