Monday, September 18, 2006

mati itu adalah benar...

sat, 16th sept 2006. i do not have any plan except to attend joey's concert on sunday. slept really early friday nite. was feeling extra tired. was already awake just before 7am but when my mom entered the room i was shocked. my close friend's father who is also our neighbour passed away. innalilahiwainnalilahirajiun... rushed for a quick shower, walked over to his house with my mom. recite yassin and stayed for a while. it was too fast. he was okay that day, went for friday prayers and then to carefour. i was thinking of my own parents. will i be prepared if i were to lose any of them? not at the moment, no! will i ever be ready? i guess the answer would be, no one will ever be ready for such event. hence, after visiting, i decided to drive my parents to kampong that day coz i want to be with them, whenever i can. :) persuaded joelis to come with us. we cleaned the graveyards of my grandparents. joelis seems to get new experience. :) they took turn putting the flowers and 'daun pandan'. joey asked lots of question..:) as expected. and he also told me that he remembered when his 'buyut', my grandmother was buried here. we read the 'doa' together. and at that point of time, somehow, we will think, when i die, will my children remembers and do this? we can only pray that they will. it was peaceful there, although some trees do scare me... or us? :D


gunduts said...

:(:(i am being reminded that i didnt manage to finish replacing my 'pose'.... i vow to myself that i will make sure that next season, I WILL PUT IT AT THE TOP OF THE LIST!!!!