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have u watched 'numbers - axn'

by - September 27, 2006

if u have, what do u think of that series? i thot it was something like csi. i couldnt sleep last nite. well actually i slept right after maghrib, dont feel well, had slight fever. but a few friends sort of plan a meet up after terawikh. so, i got up around 930pm and call up ali. unfortunately, ali was tired after coming back from buka with her family. so, okay lah... i was quite unstable myself. decided not to go. so, there were only the guys. bad thing about it, i couldnt sleep. watched samarinda with my mom. okay la... liked eja. :) until around 11pm. so later changed to axn and tried to watched 'numbers'.. conclusion... boring nak mampus.. but dunno why i stayed till the end of the story. :D they are so lembab.. using maths kunun to solve the problem.. i dunno, i just dont see the 'kedahsyatan' of the officers.. hehe.. okay la, better stop now. before i merapu.

selamat berpuasa guys... :)

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