Thursday, September 14, 2006

free trip..yey! 6th Sept 2006 - 8th Sept 2006

taken from my old blog... was originally posted on 9th Sept 2006.

1st day: i was in pulau redang last wednesday and stayed at laguna redang island resort. best!! loved it. love the place, the people, surrounding, almost everything about the place except it was really really hot!! my 1st experience going snorkelling. :) got up at 5.50am on wednesday, supposed to catch the 6.30am lrt. but couldnt make it on time :D. got into a cab instead and went straight to the meeting point. we got into 2 cabs to subang airport. it was quite a smooth flight. i fell asleep. arrived at pulau redang airport at around 10.30am. got into a van, went to the jetty for the boat to the resort.. took us about 15 minutes ride. arrived at the resort, went in for a short briefing, with welcome drink later, and we checked in. it was too late for breakfast and we had 1 hour before lunch. so since our room is not ready, we were at one of our friend's room. and i brought sardine curry puffs! yey! we had curry puffs that i made last nite for snacks while waiting for lunch time. the room was nice... enough for 4 adults! had buffet lunch, got back to the room to change and later got out of the room for my 1st time snorkelling! yey! i got my own snorkelling gears... dont think i can share the rented ones.. eerr...yuckka.. hehehe...:D i got panicked for a while in the water. i was already somewhere... and suddenly, alamak.. the boat was quite far. and i felt like i was surrounded by giant corals!! LOL... ngarut kan.. :D but yea... i got scared.. the corals are beautiful, and so are the fish(s)...various colors and sizes and types. got back to the resort, dip into the huge pool! and the nice thing about the pool, the water is hot, either it is heated or because of the sun! hahaa..swam until just before 7pm. changed for dinner. after dinner, we lepak by the beach..lazying around and listen to the resort's live band. we tried the disco but the music was just not our type...techno.. hemm too noisy. however, enjoyed the live band.

2nd day: got up early... went for breakfast and got ready for the next snorkeling trip. they say this trip should not be missed coz we will see lots of fish!! more than yesterday. baby sharks, eel (if we are lucky). and know what, you wont regret it.. the place was mmmuahh!!! syiokkk! too many fish(s) that i was afraid that they'll bite me.. hehehe. we were given bread to feed the fish. 2 hours felt like too short :) went back to the resort after 11.30am.. just in time for lunch. went back to the room, showered and changed for lunch. we were supposed to go for the 3rd trip of snorkelling but everyone was tired :( so, i pun tak jadik laaa.. roaming instead. :) and had a good afternoon nap till around 4pm! got up... the star cruise from singapore stopped at the resort till 6pm. they had their band. it was happening!! felt like we are not in malaysia! lots of handsome guys...perasan handsome and body cantek pun ada! wkakakaka!! ladies..? okay la.. after that, went swimming in the sea.. till 7.15pm. showered, and got ready for dinner. after dinner, lepak by the beach... listened to the live band, enjoying the bright moon till after midnight. ;)

3rd day: our last provided meal, breakfast. more of walking around, got souveniors for joelis. they had been calling me and asking when i am coming home :) miss them a lot too! finished packing our bags at 11.00am. had lunch at redang beach resort nearby, got into the boat to the airport at around 2.00pm. our flight back to kl was at 3.50pm.

it was raining when we reached kl. the cab driver took us back to the office using federal hi-way. huge mistake!! we got stuck in the jam for more than 1 hour!!

had a good break from work! but, i think i did not get enough tan laa... :) do i wanna go back there? yezzzaaaaa... ;-)